Friday, November 10, 2006

Spending the evening in the internet

I made myself comfortable on the sofa - having something to drink here ... and decided to spend the evening in the internet.

I've found a nice poem in DA
Try to remember

Your eyes are shining like sparkles in the night,
lifting my mind up - my thoughts are looking so bright.

Your skin looks so soft, so tender and warm,
I will touch you, caress you and protect you of any harm.

My thoughts are circling around you,
want to hold you, to touch you, to be with you.

So far away you stand,
I am longing for you - please touch my hand.

Tenderly I cry out your name,
burn my wish in the eternal flame.

Remember me, remember the feeling of love inside of you,
open your inner eye - see - it all might be true.

Abandon the reality, abandon the have-to-be,
close your eyes and hear the inner song inside, start to see.

And when you finally have found the truth inside,
open your eyes and see me - I am always standing at your side.
She has some nice poetry though.
There are really some good arts to be found in Deviant Art.
Currently I am talking with Allison via MSN ... it is fun though. Well... see ya


Dr. Allison Cameron said...

Yeah, she writes very good poetry, i have to say.
Love reading them!

And this one is very good again!

Adeline said...

Thank you so much! It is an honour ...

Dr. Allison Cameron said...

It's only the truth, so need to thank us