Thursday, November 09, 2006

The first day we met

I was late ... damn I first wanted to take the metro, but I overslept that stupid alarm. I hurried and put on my new black suit and the red tie I bought the day before. So I had to take my old red chevrolet to get to the hotel.

There were no parking places left, so I parked at the lake next to and old packed black chevy. I looked inside and thought - Geesh, this owner has a lot of stuff in there.

Made my way to the hotel, the wind was rushing through my hair (it was a bit long at that time) and I entered the assembly hall. I stammered a few excuses and then looked around for a seat. The only empty seat I could found was next to a guy - who stared at me with astonishing blue eyes and nodded - this nod and glance caused me to swallow hard. I flung myself into the chair - hitting the guys ribs with my elbow. He grunted and I thought Being late and annoying people - what a damn good start!

The guy - with that astonishing blue eyes remained silent and looked at the chairman. I leaned back and tried to follow the speech, but it soon became boring and I got distracted by those side glances my seat neighbor gave me.

So I pulled out my writing block and began to distract me ... and my neighbor began to flip spittle-wetted paperballs into the sprayed hair of that old bag before us. I really had to hold on not to burst out with laughter so I just sighed and move a bit uncomfortably in my chair, which gave me another side glance.

Paper balls seemed no longer of intersted and he pulled out a book and started reading, I leaned forward and asked him "What are you reading?" - he didnt look up and merely said "A book". I spyed over his shoulder and could see that he was reading sonnets. I leaned back again and thought "Very interesting".

He was reading or pretending to read and I used the chance to give him some hidden side glances. This man was good looking - but absolutely bored (so was I) ... he wore black jeans (Levis 501), a white shirt with a black t-shirt underneath and a black jackett. I let my eyes wander to his shoes - black chucks. I couldnt hide a little grin and shifted in my chair, accidently touched his side and he shifted as well... some slight scent of Halston came by.

I closed my eyes and let my mind go astray - this was when the announced the lunch break. My neighbor stood up quickly and made his way to the restaurant. I followed him - I got some food and was searching a free seat, there were many left but I decided to choose the one at the table of my "neighbor".

I sat down and started to eat, then I looked up "Weather is typical for that season, isn't it?" (what a dumb question!)
"It is raining cats and dogs - so I wouldn't call it a weather!" he said and then stared out of the window and remained silent. "See? It is raining dogs...." and he showed my a puppy looking in the restaurant.

I rolled my eyes and continued eating - How could I start a conversation with a question about the weather? Duh!

In the afternoon - I was so bored and nearly felt asleep - he started to talk to me...He leaned over "He is soooo boring!" Of course he didnt whisper and some other participants turned around - I couldnt avoid blushing.
Damn it was just as he could read my mind though - I opened my little black book and started writing some notes down.

The lecturer was marked with "boring dumbass", the black haired man two rows in front got the mark "stupid questioner" and the person sitting right in front got "what the heck is he wearing"?" I let my eyes wander to my neighbor and scribbled down "astonishing blue eyes, extremely bored, interesting !!!!!"

Some more persons were marked with nice comments and the lecture wasnt that boring anymore.

The dinner cost me a fortune - as someone ... rushed into me in the hall and I was just standing there drinking my single malt. Of course I ruined his sports coat with it and with a smile he forced me to buy him a new one.

Gosh, we found out that we were sharing a room as the hotel was overbooked. We drank ourselves into oblivion and mocked the people around.

I even couldnt remember how I got into my yammies ...


Dr. Gregory House said...

I think you fell on your face trying to put the trousers on.
But that's the only thing I remember.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Ouch - that sounds hurting ...

Dr. Gregory House said...

I think you were numb by then.