Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I am so relieved Cameron called me a some time ago. I was just looking through the pictures we made at Point Pleasant and was thinking of the time we had there, when suddenly my mobile went off.

A short look on the display showed me that the caller is Cameron. With slightliyh shaking hands I picked up the call "Cameron?"

"James! He is safe!" I felt the pressure vanishing "Oh my god! Is he okay? I want to talk to him!" My hands were wet and my heart was racing. I could hear her saying "House, James wants to..." "Gimme the phone!" - Greg!

"Jim? Hun'?" I really had to swallow down the tears "Oh Greg! It is so good to hear you. How are you? Did he ...? Are you okay?" "I want my vicodin! And those three have forgotten them." I giggled "You are fine! Thanks god ... Is the police already there? No? Good the will need some minutes, I'll come and bring the Vicodin!"
"Thanks Jim! But how - you are locked in, aren't you?" "Let it be my problem. I love you ..." I replied. I could hear him swallowing "You, too". Then we both hang up.

I got into my shoes, grabbed the Vicodin bottle and went to the balcony. "It isn't that deep" I thought. I climbed over the balustrade and looked down again "Just let loose and it is only 2 meters" I mumbled. "Don't think of the wound. Just jump ..." So I let loose and jumped down ... I found myself on the ground, clutching my hand to my wound "SHIT!"

After one or two seconds with gasping I lifted up my shirt and checked the bandage - no blood could be seen. They stitched it damn well. I popped one Vicodin out and dry-swallowed one. Then I made way around the house and hailed a cab at the corner.

10 Minutes later I was standing out of Allenby's appartment. All was packed with police men and I could see Foreman, Chase and Cameron talking with an officer. I got out of the taxi and walked towards them.

"Sir, you are not allowed to go there." I gave the police officer a stern look "It was my ... hus... friend being kidnapped. He needs his medicine - I am his doctor." She looked at me and I showed her the Vicodin bottle.

"Dr. Wilson" - Chase shouted, I looked up and waved "You know them?" the officer asked, I turned to her "Of course I do. We are working in the same hospital" I nodded. "Fine - you can pass." I hurried to Chase "Whats going on?" He looked at me "Are you okay?" I just waved aside, he nodded "They need your statement as well. What happened in Canada and today." I turned to the officer "May I first bring Dr. House his pills, please?" He looked at me and then pointed inside.

I rushed up the steps as fast as I could and entered the flat. There he was, sitting on the sofa and looking very pissed and concerned. I took a deep breath and moved forward. "Your pills, Dr. House" I said with a broad smile. He hasnt noticed me before and he turned around his head and looked at me, then he swallowed "Hi!"

I handed him his Vicodin and he popped three and swallowed them - without taking his eyes of me. I just returned the look - and probably everyone could see my heart racing.


Dr. Gregory House said...

I'm so glad to be here with you again.
And I wonder what he did when I was aboulic and dozed off.

Julia Brooklyn said...
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Julia Brooklyn said...

What a lucky end - of a shocking story!