Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sunday morning

The Sunday began all so good. I woke up with Greg’s arms around me and this feeling just caused the first smile of that day. It felt so good having the warmth of his body next to mine, feeling his breath in my neck and knowing that it was just right, just the way it should be and just the way it is.

I snuggled against him and he moaned a bit in his sleep, my fingers softly caressed the palm of his hand and I inhaled the scent of Halston and just Gregory. “My god, why does it feel all so good?” I thought and I heard a voice in my head “Because this is how it is meant to be”, no it was not a hallucination, it was just my inner voice speaking to me. I thought about all my marriages before and the affairs I had as well and I had to admit that I never felt this way before.

Although I know that we both can be real menaces and blockheads, that living the way we do know will have its challenges as we are sometimes so different but as weird as it sounds, this fits it just fits. I need him so much, need him being around, he makes me laugh, he makes me feel, “Yes, he just makes me good”, I thought and pressed his hand against my pounding heart.

“What are you pondering?” he whispered softly in my ear and a sigh slipped out of my mouth “How did you know that?” I murmured. His hand slipped under my pyjama shirt and gently touched my skin, “Because you sighed and I could feel your heart beating faster”, he answered and placed a soft kiss on my neck. I closed my eyes and a smile appeared on my face. “I was just thinking of how good this is feeling”, I spoke silently. “Mhmm”, he groaned and started to unbutton my shirt.

His soft touch upon my skin gave me heebie-jeebies and I felt the soft heat rising. Gregory turned me on the back and leaned over me. His eyes met mine and my glance was drawn to his mouth as he spoke, “You really don’t know how good it is to have you by my side”. I gently touched his lips and could feel him shivering slightly, “I perfectly know what you mean”, I whispered and my hand wandered to his neck and I drew him closer to kiss him tenderly.

We got lost in ourselves and softness and tenderness nearly made us mad. No word was spoken for more than half an hour, we just exchanged glances, touches and kisses. The only sound you could hear was the rustling of the sheets and our groaning and sighs.

Afterwards we just lay there holding us for another couple of minutes. It was Greg who spoke first and he had to clear his throat before, “I simply forgot to say ‘Good morning’ to you” and a smile arose on his face. I smiled back, “Good morning to you as well” I whispered and placed a kiss on his forehead.

He closed his eyes for a second, “We should stop this tenderness right now, otherwise I will go crazy”, Greg moaned. A laughter slipped out of my mouth and I just nodded “You are right, my nerves are already aching like hell.” He looked at me grinning and asked, “What about going back to reality and I make us some coffee?”, “Good idea, I really could do with some” I replied and we both got up.

“What a wonderful way to start a day” I thought and collected the clothes from the bedroom floor.


Dr. Gregory House said...

Indeed, it was a wonderful way to start the day.
What a pity we're at work...could do with some snuggling now.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Since when is this a problem? I have no appointment ...

Dr. Gregory House said...

Okaaay...I'll be knocking at your door in 5 seconds.
Or I'll just open it.