Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Le Meridien - Boston

mood: high in the sky - and still fucking nervous

music: In the hall of the mountain king / Peer Gynt - Edward Grieg

We arrived in Boston via private jet - Arnello Airlines ... only two passangers. It was a bit embarassing, but very comfortable.

We were picked up this morning at 8.30 am on-time. Our suitcases were packed and we were wearing more or less normal clothes, as we wanted to change clothes in the hotel.

Gaaaaaaawd (sorry I am still so nervous)

The door bell rang at 8.29 am (yes I checked the watch) and we both looked at each other and sighed deeply, "So here we go" Greg mumbled and I was only able to nod. Gregory opened the door and there stood a chauffeur (more looking like a killer) nodding at us "Your suitcases, sirs?!" - Greg pointed at the two suitcases standing in the hallway, the man grabbed both of them and carried them like feathers to the car.

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I gave Greg a side glance and whipsered "Oh God, I hope it wont end like Bonnie and Clyde", he grinned and nodded. When we got in the car, Gregory asked the driver "Will we meet Mr. Arnello in the restaurant?", the driver just looked straight ahead "I don't know a Mr. Arnello.", I swallowed and Greg smiled "Aaah, my fault. Neither do I. You Jimmy?", "No!" I said and shook my head.

"Uuuuh this is comfortable!" he said and stretched out his legs. I looked around - it really was comfortable. We were driven to the restaurant and found out that we were the only guests. A waitress guided us to the best table, which was decorated with red roses - we had a very nice breakfast there, although I wasn't able to eat much ... my stomach was too nervous!

At 9.30 am we were picked up again and brought to the airport, where the private jet was already waiting for us.

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A stretchlimousine was waiting for us at the airport and brought us to the Meridien - now known as a Langham hotel.

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We checked in - we have the one bedroom suite ($845 a night) - on "House". Now we are sitting in the suite and are both trying to relax a bit.


Dr. Gregory House said...

But I caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan't!!!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Come here hun' ... let us try some relaxing techniques!

What about some REIKI?

Dr. Gregory House said...


Dr. James Wilson said...

C'mon admit it wasn't that bad.

Dr. Gregory House said...

You keep at surprising me...

Dr. James Wilson said...

That's my intention.

Julia Brooklyn said...

Do you need some calmative? :)