Thursday, November 30, 2006

No coming through...

mood: cuddly

It stopped snowing – hope this will last, but when I look at the sky above I am not quite sure. I took advantage of the clear sky and tried to remove some snow – yes, I tried. I spent more than 1.5 hours outside with pushing the snow aside.

Greg sometimes watched me from inside and made some funny comments about me in the snow shoes – HAHA! My answer to his last comment was a snow ball thrown in his face – I know his revenge will be coming soon, but ‘til now I am still safe.

In the 1.5 hours I managed to clear the entry to the hut, so we are able to open the door. Well, better than nothing. Totally exhausted and with every muscle aching I came back in and got undressed in the little hallway as my clothes were wet and full of snow. I brushed the snow of and hang up the clothes near the fireplace so they can dry. Greg was watching me and grinned – I must have been a vision of delight in the long underwear (I luckily found in a cupboard) and my woollen socks.

“I think I will phone Mr. Brunswick, he is the owner of the grocery in the village” I said and grabbed my mobile. Gregory looked at me with a questioning expression “Why call the grocery store?”. I dialled and grinned “Because he is the chief of the local fire department as well and the mayor”, Greg nodded “Oooh, yes we are in the middle of nowhere, I forgot.”

I sat down and removed my socks and was still waiting for the call to be picked up, I was about hanging up when the call was answered “Brunswick’s grocery store”, I heard a grunting voice. “Mr. Brunswick? This is James Wilson from … … ah yes you already know it?” Interesting how the local network is going – he already knew I was up there and that I wasn’t alone. “Yes we are snowed in, uhu…”.

Greg grinned broadly and I smiled back “No coming through until Saturday?!”, Greg’s eyes popped open. “Well, sure this is a problem because we only have food here until tomorrow.” I listened hard, stood up and looked outside. “Yah, it’s pretty clear now. I shoved the door free…”, I nodded.
“Okay, just hold on a second!” I put my hand over the phone and asked Greg “Brunswick’s son can come up here with a snow-mobile and bring us some food. What do you want?!”. Greg shrugged “We need coffee, meat and some other stuff for cooking and don’t forget something to drink!”

I lifted my hand up from the phone “Mr. Brunswick? Ah there you are … fine we need coffee, some meat … what you have. And something for breakfast!” I looked up the ceiling and Greg snorted. “Yes that sounds good, just pack some stuff in. Aw and Mr. Brunswick, do you have some wine or so? … Uhm, whiskey? Yeah whiskey is fine as well. Good, in about an hour if the weather keeps clear, okay!”

With a sigh I sat down and hang up. “No coming through with cars until Saturday. They are trying their best. His son Finn will come up here and bring us some stuff to eat and as I know Mr. Brunswick it will be enough for a whole week!”. Gregory leaned back and looked at me, “So it is only you and me up here for the next two days, hm?” and he raised an eyebrow. “Mhmmm”, I replied and his smile told me more than words could tell.


Julia Brooklyn said...

Well, christmas is near...

Dr. James Wilson said...

Do I have to understand that?

Dr. Gregory House said...

Maybe she implies we could as well stay here until christmas ;)

Dr. James Wilson said...

Would be nice but Cuddy would really kill us.

But we could spend some time here - aloooooone

Dr. Gregory House said...

Let's return on...Sunday ;)

Julia Brooklyn said...

No I wanted to say it snows... so christmas is near!

Anonymous said...

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