Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday morning

music: Master and Servant ~ Depeche Mode

Let me first tell you a bit what happened today. As you all might remember we have a new oncologist working for the PPTH. Mr. Samual Danby arrived early this morning at about 9 am and so we had to leave our comfortable hide-away early as well.

I woke up at about 6 am, turned around and found the bed empty. "Greg?" I shouted and stood up. A noise from the bathroom let me peek in, Greg was standing there shaving, we exchanged glances and I had to grin "Shaving? It is six in the morning". Gregory continued and washed his face afterwards "Thought it might be a good idea". I shrugged and turned around "Wanna have a coffee?", I walked into the kitchen and stared at the already prepared breakfast table. "What..." I started and was interrupted by two arms embracing me, "Like it?" Greg mumbled in my ear. I was to speechless and so I only nodded, Greg limped to the coffee machine and poured two coffees then he handed me one.

I took the mug and sat down "Since when are you awake?" I asked and stared at the table. "Hmmm... 5 o'clock or so" he said and sipped some coffee. "Woooosh, thats early for you" I replied in disbelief. He just shrugged and continued "Wanted to iron your shirts as well" and then he smirked. I had to think about our little conversation yesterday afternoon and giggled, "I told you it would be better not to play the spouse. Stay Dr. House, please!" He bend over and grabbed my mug, "It is time enough showing you the other thing ...", the warmth started to rise again and I looked into his eyes. They were shining bright and he was leering, I swallowed hard and hissed "Show me ..."

I really had to hurry after that and we arrived at the PPTH at about 8.30 am. The first persons we met were a nurse and Debby from accounting, standing at the entrance. They looked at each other when we entered the hospital and grinned "Good morning Dr. Wilson, Dr. House! You had a nice weekend?", I just signed in and nodded "Thank you", Greg decided to say nothing.

The both women gave us an examining look and then the nurse made a biiiig mistake. "You are looking so happy. It must have been an absolutely pleasant weekend though." and she looked at Greg. He raised an eyebrow and gave her a stern look "Ooooh it was. You'd never imagine how gooooood it was." Incited by his polite answer the nurse (she must be new) continued "So it was really pleasant, hm?", "Ooooh yessss! We had some sex orgy, strangled some stupid nurse who asked to many questions and I made Jim scream out several times... GAAAAAAWD" he said with a devilish smile.

The two women were staring at us, jaws dropped and I could only shake my head "Yes you know, Greg is good at screaming as well! He perfectly knows how to speak .... JAAAMES" I said with a broad smile. Gregory looked at me "Well and what about you yelling DONT STOP?!", I nodded "As good as your "PLEASEEEEE!" - we both snickered and turned around. "My god, you are kidding, aren't you?" Debby asked with an unbelieving expression on her face. We both walked away and Greg just shouted over his shoulder "Stupid questions, stupid answers!"

I whispered "You are unbelievable...menace", Greg gave my a side look and smiled "Tease" - we both grinned and I entered my office with a "See you later!"


Dr. Gregory House said...

We should do this more often.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Playing the mocking birds?

Dr. Gregory House said...


Dr. James Wilson said...

We often do ...