Sunday, November 12, 2006

Totally drunk

Well, I could tell, that I am totally drunk by now ...

Currently I am listening to Streets of London and Greg is rolling his eyes. Think I will switch to "The Two Trees" again - God I love that poem!

Greg just said he will buy me a dead goldfish for X-Mas ... fine this now reminds me of a movie.

Oh it is soooo embarassing talking with the ducklings about all that stuff. I hope I cant remember anything in a few hours ...

It is, by the way, damn late here or should I say early?

Guess what time it is?

The Perfume

The perfume on your naked skin,
just must makes me feeling weak and thinking of sin.
The scent of love that touches me,
makes me believing and feeling so free.
The odor of your beauteousness and purity
reveals the essence of life and clarity.
Here I stand, my body in pain,
feeling guilty, feeling insane.
Your perfume slightly touches the air,
I abandon myself to despair.
My heart is breaking, my soul is burning,
my world is steadily turning…
I smell your odor, your sweet perfume of life,
I can only whisper softly: Let me be your slave this nite

Just another poetry - short but bitter-sweet ...


Julia Brooklyn said...

another nice one... I start loving them! :)

Dr. James Wilson said...

Thank you Julia.

If you like them I might perhaps post some more every now and then.

Anonymous said...

Like it, too.
Am totally drunk by now and Neil fell asleep beside me.
So good night!

Julia Brooklyn said...

Yes that's a good idea. I'd like to read some more!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Good night Bertie :)

Sleep tight! See you around ... perhaps?!