Monday, May 28, 2007


It is not very easy sometimes when you have a "gemini" person as a friend, familiy member or even as a husband ...

Did you know that they are impatient and can be a pain in the neck? CURIOUS ...

Heck, I mentioned that I have something else than a Harley as a birthday present for him (for sure - as he own his motorbike) ... and now - he asks me all the time if it is his birthday now.

I dont like horoscopes as they never seem to fit perfect (they are so overall) ...but let me just show you some parts:

  • Geminis are quite high-strung and tend to spread themselves very thin
  • The have an incredible breadth of knowledge and are able to talk to almost anyone about many differing views
  • They have a wonderful love of the written word, as well as the spoken, and will often find themselves putting pen to paper and doodling their thoughts, if only to give them an insight into their own thinking processes. Many journalists, writers, and other advisers are born under the sign of Gemini; their forte with words makes a lasting impression.
  • The third sign of Gemini also relates to travels and short journeys. Gemini persons find themselves restless on many occasions and their itchy feet will cause themto travel frequently. These journeys may not always be long, but they are always on the go.
  • They are fascinated by the way the human mind works and the way people interact generally.
  • They can’t handle close-mindedness of any sort. With their inquisitive and restless mind they have an eclectic taste, having dabbled in many different viewpoints and topics.

So this is just a bit about the Gemini!

Interesting isn't it?! Of course the ascendent has to be regarded as well - as it has a big influence on how you are.

Therefore you just need to know your hour of birth ...

Surprised that I know such things?!


Dr. Gregory House said...

Well...some of the facts there sound quite familiar.

By the way: is it my birthday yet?

Dr. James Wilson said...

Is it the 11th June yet?!