Friday, May 25, 2007

Poem: Believe me

This poem was written by me quite a while ago though ... I know it is not one of my best ones - but nonetheless it was written from deep within.

Perhaps you get the meaning ...

I am close to tears and I don’t know why,
if I would give in – I would cry and cry and cry.

Why does love hurt so true,
why does love make us feel so blue?

Why am I asking me again and again ...
could you be really my man?

Did I just dream a time ago?
Was it just a freaky show?

My feelings for you – they are just but true!
Believe me – as I believe in you!


Dr. Gregory House said...

Oh darling....when did you write that?
It's so beautiful and touching...I'm close to tears now, too.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Some time ago though ... bit longer than just a few months.