Sunday, May 27, 2007

Poem: But true

What ordinary day I thought
until the very best of life it brought.

Some sparkling blueish eyes,
that made me smile all so bright.

My heart no longer is what it was before,
it wants true love now - or even more.

Will I find that love in you?
Will I ever see there a "me and you"?

My wish I tell the godness above,
and I ask for the real, the only true love.

A love that goes down deep, deep in ...
a love that only can make your soul win.

Win the battle against sorrow and unhappiness,
to regain joy and pure happiness.

So my thoughts wander back to you,
and to myself I think - he is the one ... he is but true.
(c) J.E. Wilson
This poem was written on 1st January 2001 ... a very important date for me ... somehow.
Careful readers might know why.

1 comment:

Dr. Gregory House said...

Careful readers...
Yes...and the people involved.
If I had only known your thoughts ten years ago, dear.