Monday, May 21, 2007

Spoken words: Dreams

Sometimes I just close my eyes and dream me away ...

Away over mountains, valleys and oceans I fly ... my wings are spread out and so I fly and fly and fly.

From high above I see the world rushing by and I think that everything might be so wonderful upon this earth if everyone cared ... if everyone cared!

So I carry on travelling and slowly my soul tears me into another direction - the place where you are ...

My feet reach the ground again and I stumble ... stumble into your waiting arms.

Eye meets eye, soul meets soul and our hands entangle ...

Your strong arms embrace me and I feel at home ...finally at home again.

Together we dance to that slow and lovely music only we hear. Our bodies melted together - skin to skin we sink deeper and deeper into the land of hopes and dreams.

We share the very intimate moments and we just sit and stare upon a lake only we can see here.

So I sit ... I sit ... and my eyes flatter ... and still I sit ... sit alone in my empty room and a smile enlightens my face - because I know that everything might be possible, if we only trust and believe in ourselves.

Everything might be possible if only we let it happen and my head drops back and I stare into the sky ...

I lift up my hands for a silent prayer ... and when my soul reaches out for you again - I now know everything can happen and nothing will be in vain.

Copyright: J.E. Wilson
Just some words ...

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