Monday, May 14, 2007

On the way to the Chinese

I looked at Gregory when he stood up and limped around my desk.
„But there was something else, no?“ Gregory asked questioningly and approached me.
„Was there?“ I murmured into his ear.

„I thought you wanted to tell me something ... but then changed your mind“, Gregory said and tried to look me in the eyes.
„Hmmm...not really“ I whispered and played with his collar.
„Fine then ...“ Gregory answered with a slightly annoyed undertone and turned to the door.

„EY!“ I said and pinched his ass.
„OUCH! Are you insane? What was THAT for?“ he barked and turned his head.
Before he could reach the doorknob I pulled him closer and whispered.
„I just wanted to do that“ and with these words I kissed him gently.

Through the daze of love I heard Gregory purring and felt his warm embrace.
This reply made me deepen the kiss and I just got lost in the feeling of his heartbeat against my chest.
After a minute or two, I stepped back and murmured „Lunch now?“
Gregory opened one eye and looked at me „Lunch right“ he said and opened the second eye.
„Okay here we go!“ he said and cleared his throat.
I did likewise and gave him a side-glance.
„Cafeteria?“ I asked him with a smile.

„Chinese?“ he replied and eyeballed me.
„Hrrrmmm ... sounds good!“ I answered and swallowed down the lump in my throat.
Gregory beamed and opened the door.
„After you, gentleman!“
„Thank you“ I replied with a hint of a bow and stepped forward.

When passing by Gregory he pinched my ass and I muttered a „GOSH!“
Rubbing my bum I heard him chuckling his cute little ass off.
I turned my head towards him and raised an eyebrow.

„Wasn’t me“ Gregory answered and smiled at me as innocent as a young child.
„For sure not ...“ I grunted and shook my head when he just grinned and winked at me.
I was about to reply his silent answer when his look became blank and he wanted to pull me behind the pillar.
„Let’s hide behind the pillar for a second“ he hissed.
I looked around for Cuddy and asked him „Why?“ when I did not see her.

Greg pointed in the hallway „Tenacious M at 2 o’clock!“

„Oh ... hide then“ I said with a grin and walked towards the direction of Dr. Fornara (or like Greg says: Tenacious M!)
Gregory hid behind that pillar and I was aware that he just peeped around the corner.

A few steps away from our Italian dottore I greeted him with a friendly „Hello. Dr. Fornara!“
„Hello, Dr. Wilson“ he greeted me with his Italian dialect.
Dr. Fornara looked around and asked me then with a smile „Did you by chance see Dr. House?“
I rubbed my neck and replied with a „For sure“.
Dr. F beamed at me and looked around again.
„So ... where is he?“
„Is that of any interest for you?“ I asked him with narrowed eyes.

This foolish smile was still on his face when he told me that he just wanted to invite him for lunch.
I replied the smile „Did you? I thought you already did that last week?“
He beamed again (Greg is right: Dork!) „Oh ... did he tell you?“
„Yes ... he told me everything though“ I said with a nod.
„Bueno“ TenaciousM replied and his smile became even broader.
„You are good friends“ he then asked me and I just thought why not carrying on with this little play for a while.
„Yes, we are very close“ I replied with a nod at Mr. Italian.
„Actually I am having a lunch date with him now“ I continued and checked my watch like I would want to underline that sentence.
„Oh“ he answered with a rather disappointed look upon his face.

„Any problems with it?“ I asked Dr. F and gave him an enquiring look.
„No, for sure not. I will ask him instead, if he wants to go out for dinner with me though.
I cleared my throat and asked sweet as sugar, „Will you?“
Dottore Fornara nodded feverishly.

I patted Dr. F’s back and had to hold myself back not to use my fist.
„Well, good luck then. I heard he is not available though“ I spoke silently into his ear.
Italian guy blushed and stammered „Well...I ...oh ... I will ask him anyway.“

What a brainteaser, I thought.
„So you are ... interested?“ I replied with a forced smile.
„Io ... I ...“ he stammered again and looked around.
He then continued with a nod „Dottore House is a very good doctor, for sure I am interested in him as a colleague“. Dr. F then blushed slightly and coughed in his fist.

„For sure“ I nodded „I didn’t mean anything else“ (who believes that, huh?)
Looking on my fingernails I carried on „But as far as I know, I have him around every evening of this week ...“
Another „Oh“ emerged from Dr. F’s lips and he really looked disappointed.

Disappointment switched into a questioning look and he then asked me, „You have a case then?“
I rubbed my neck and did so if I was absorbed in some thoughts.
„You have a case? Or why do you see him every evening?“

„We love each other ...“
I cleared my throat and looked at Dr. F getting pale.
„s ... company“ I continued after the break of a second.

„I see“ Dr. F said and swallowed hard.
„So you are very close, right?“
I checked my watch again, looked up and straight into his eyes „Pretty much“ I replied.
Mr. Italy leaned forward a bit and whispered something into my ear.

I backed off and looked at him with an earnest expression.
„I think you should ask HIM that! I just know that he is wearing a ring,“ I said with a grumpy nod.

This little bugger!

Doctor Fornara replied with a „Grazie, Doctor Wilson!“ and wanted to shake hands.
I gave him mine to say goodbye though ...and he looked down on my fingers.
„You are wearing nearly the same ring though!“ Dr. F said and his pupils widened a bit.
Smiling at him I answered, „Do I? Funny!“

He nodded and then said with narrowed eyes, „Yours looks a bit different“.
It was me now looking down on my wedding ring.
„Really? Thought they are like twins ...“
„You bought the same rings then?“ he asked with a shrug and then exclaimed „That I call a friendship!“

I nodded „Yes, you might call it that ... for example.“
Now I was just about to tell him that Gregory and I are married – but was interrupted by Cuddy’s voice barking „WILSON!“
I turned around and nodded a „Hello, Cuddy“
„Did you see House?“ she asked me immediately after she has nodded at Dr. F.

Let’s play the dork, I thought and frowned while looking at her.
„Why should I?“
„Why should you?“ she asked me and gestured in the air, „Because you are living together and you know every little step he takes!“

Screaming out a „STRIKE“ inwardly I grinned at Cuddy.
„Not every though“ I said with a beam.
From the corner of my eye I did see Dr. Italy (this little ...) looking from one to another.
A weak „ You live together“ reached my ear then and Cuddy turned towards him.
„For sure they do,“ she sighed „they are married!“ she mumbled and pointed at me.

Oh believe me – I was so dancing inwardly!
Outwards I just checked my watch again while telling her that I don’t know where Gregory was.
Pointing at my watch I gave both a nod and apologized „Excuse me now, I am off for my lunch break!“
With these words I left them with a wave and a smile and just let Dr. F standing there like a cow in a thunderstorm.

I made my way out of the building and waited for Gregory at the large tree right in front of the entrance hall.
About two minutes later Gregory came out of the building and passed me by with a „That was PRICELESS!“
I grinned and walked along his side.
„Did you see his face?“ I asked Greg.
„Yessss! It nearly fell to the floor!“

We both chuckled and I nudged his shoulder.
„Cuddy did you a favor though!“
„Me?“ Greg replied and gave me a side-glance.
„Us?“ I asked with a wink.
Greg winked back at me and continued, „I really thought you would tell him.“
„I just was about to do so ...“ I said with a shrug.

„That would have been more priceless then!“ Greg said with a devilish grin.
„Perhaps“ I shrugged and placed my hand upon his shoulder.
„Hmmmm... will you pay now or shall we risk paying the check with the money you gave me?“
I rolled my eyes towards the sky and sighed.
„Feel invited!“
„Nice ...“ Greg murmured with a deeper voice.

We looked at each other and both knew that the dessert would be priceless!

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