Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Do not disturb - Part II

The elevator door opened with a ping sound and Gregory entered it.
"Come in ... we don't have every time in the world!" he moaned and thumped his cane on the ground again.
I raised an eyebrow and stepped in as well.
"What is going on here, Greg?! This is a four star hotel at Broadway ... so could you just explain me why the heck you booked a room?"
"I didn't book it in advance" Gregory replied and pushed the floor button again.
"You already did push it!" I answered and gave him a side glance.

"I know that! But it is too slow..." he said and played with the key card in his hand.
"Heck, Gregory what is going on here? You can't ..."
"Aaaw, shut up for now, Jim! I will soon tell you, okaaaaaay?"
"You just can't ..." I started and was interrupted by the ping of the elevator and Gregory pushing me out of the very same.

A short look upon the card and he gestured to the left side.
"This way!" Greg grunted and moved on.
I lifted my arms for a second and made a silent prayer ...
"Can't you just tell me ..."
"Can't you just shut up?" Greg grunted back and stopped in front of the room we had.
"Ha! That's it ... 515" he spoke to himself and opened the door.
"After you, gentleman!" Gregory said and bowed slightly.

A sigh slipped out of my mouth and I gave him another side glance while passing him by.
Gregory must have thought I was too slowly as he just pushed me in the room, fumbled at the door and then closed it.
"In there!" he moaned and gestured with his cane towards the room.
"I ..." with that I started but was not able to continue as Gregory just pushed me forward and I tumbled my way to the bed.
"GREGORY!" I exclaimed and then looked at him with a slightly annoyed expression.

"You wanna know what is going on?" Gregory asked then and looked at me with narrow eyes.
"Yes! I want to know that!" I replied and put the hands on my hips.
"Fine, I will show you" he said silently and approached me.
Next thing I felt was my right hand being grabbed and guided to his delicate body part.
A gasp slipped out of my mouth when I found out that the blood circulation was doing pretty well.
"Oooh..." I whispered and then this OH turned into a "Heeeey" when I was pushed on the bed.

I was lying on the bed staring in disbelief at Gregory who threw his backpack and jacket in the corner of the room and opened his shirt feverishly.
My mouth became dry as a desert and I had to swallow down hard when he unbuckled his belt.
"What are you waiting for?" Gregory moaned and gestured at me.
"Undress or I can't promise your clothes will survive that!"
I folded my arms before my chest and raised an eyebrow.

"I will not obey!" I replied and looked at him.
"I beg you pardon?" he said and stepped out of his trousers.
Trying to stay calm I gave him a stern look and repeated what I just did say.
"Oh... you will not obey though? Well ..." Greg paused and touched his chin like he would be thinking. Then he approached me, popped a Vicodin and put the bottle aside ... and next thing he did was making me too weak to resist, so I found myself lying on the bed with a torn shirt and with my husband kneeling above me.

"I don't give a shit, if you will obey or not!" Greg moaned and sucked at my neck.
A deep moan slipped out of my mouth and my fingernails scratched over his back.
"You don't know how you looked at me in that coffee shop" Greg carried on and his tongue tip teased my nipples.
Clutching the linens and arching slightly I was unable to reply though.
"Did you think that I did enjoy that cake so much? Jerk! I wanted you all the fucking time!" he whispered hoarsley into my ear and parted my legs with his knee.

"Greg" I sighed and my surely dilated pupils tried to focus on him.
He had his mouth slightly open and was panting a bit.
"Jim" he whispered and slowly did make us become one.
My head dropped back and a little cry slipped out of my mouth when he started to move slow and demanding.

His mouth found mine and he parted my lips with the tip of his tongue.
I sighed inwardly and embraced him with my legs to push him even deeper.
"GAAAAAAAAAWD JIM!" Gregory cried out and I moaned out at the very sight of him.
Gregory began to thrust harder and deeper and we both got lost in the feeling of lust and sin for a long long time this afternoon.

We enjoyed the bed, the desk, the floor and the bathroom and we can say that the whipped cream in the hotel is excellent though.
Especially when placed on some delicated body parts ...

The "Do not disturb" sign wasn't turned until we left in the late Sunday morning hours.

By the way ... we still have that sign as it mysteriously did find its way into Greg's backpack and so into our apartment.


Dr. Gregory House said...

Well...you have that effect on me...

Dr. James Wilson said...

Sometimes ... right