Monday, May 07, 2007

Family part I

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Family ... Etymology: Middle English familie, from Latin familia household (including servants as well as kin of the householder), from famulus servant

What is the definition of a family? In fact there are many definitions for that word ... but the most common one we use is: a group of persons of common ancestry.

Of course, we could sometimes use: a group of related plants or animals forming a category ranking above a genus and below an order and usually comprising several to many genera or a unit of a crime syndicate (as the Mafia) operating within a geographical area.

But lets stay with the first definition, right?

Why am I just giving you this information? Easy! I want you to know about which "family" I will write now.

To be exact I should use the plural form as I will write about two families in fact.

Greg's - i.e. Mr. and Mrs. House and my family (I will not write down every single family member!)

We had visitors over the weekend as you might already know or as you might remember.

I like my family, please don't get it wrong though - however, they live in Canada and one part in sunny California (all the other in Europe not to mention) and that is pretty good I think. Just seeing them from time to time - that is great!

Family is a great thing ... but not when you wanted to be alone and enjoying a lovely weekend. Not if your sister and her husband are having martial problems and for sure not when your brother in law celebrates his birthday!

Rachel's husband - Simon (or like Greg calls him: butthead) had his 4oth birthday this weekend and the family thought it might be nice to come to visit us instead of us having to fly up to Canada.

Family arrived here in Plainsboro on Friday in the afternoon - thanks godness we had to work late! Or ... well pretended that we had to work late though.

As they did rent a house for the weekend we hadn't to be at home though ...

We enjoyed our Friday evening home alone and just with some candles lit - I might write about it later though.

Back to the topic - back to the family!

My mom asked us (me) to go shopping with them, as they aren't familiar here. Believe me Gregory was more than happy to hear that! He was so happy - he didn't speak to me for more than an hour on Friday morning when I confessed it to him.

Yes - family can get you into trouble!

As promised we arrived at the rented house Saturday morning at 9 a.m.

Blythe opened the door ...

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarling!" she cried out and embraced Gregory.
He did squirm a bit and looked at me with a face like: Get me outta here!
I just smirked and gave a shrug.

The turn was mine then and after that huuuuuge embrace we were pulled in the house and greeted with several: "Look at you!", "DEAR!", "Jim!", "Greg" ... and some pats on the back and "son".

Those pats were okay though ... but all those hugs and kisses and everything - geez!
Three women can feel like an army - believe it or not! Our mothers are like that and my sister is the very same! The very same ...

To our surprise the men did not want to go shopping (what a surprise, huh?) and so it was up to us going with the women.

Gregory looked at me like a puppy dog when Nathan told him that they will not join the chicken party ...
"No way, Greg!" I hissed in his ear.
"You can't do that to me and let me go alone with them!" I whispered and with a secret gesture I pointed at my mom, who was standing in the kitchen and talking to Blythe.

"Jim, you are the cook! You know where to find all those things - they - want!" he whispered back and his eyes became like little stars and his mouth a pout.
"Stop it, Gregory!" I muttered and nudge his shoulder.
"My leg hurts!" he replied and leaned heavy on the cane.

"Aha! Suddenly it hurts that much that you can't walk, hm?" I shot back and narrowed my eyes.
"No, it did hurt all the time. But - fine!" he shrugged "FINE! Let's go then and you will have to explain them why I need so much Vicodin."

I couldn't avoid rolling my eyes up to the ceiling and the sigh I heard was mine when it slipped out of my mouth!
"Okaaay ... stay here then! Next time you tell me immediately that your leg hurts!" I said and gave him an enquiring look.
Gregory just nodded and walked into the living room.
I heard him saying something to Sean and next time I checked what he was doing ... he was playing a video game with Sean.

Right ... it was me and the three ladies going shopping then!

Family can really be fun!

(part 2 following soon - stay tuned!)


Dr. Gregory House said...

I am looking forward to part two.
And your shopping experiences.
Or whatever happened that Saturday.

Dr. James Wilson said...

You want to hear about my shopping time?

C'mon dont do that to me!