Monday, May 14, 2007

Ready for Lunch?

My door opened without a notice of a knock...
„Hunny? Ready for lunch?“ Gregory asked and peeked in my office.
I looked up from my computer.
„Yes in a minute. I don't get that damn thing here right. Do you have any ideas?“ I pointed at my screen.

Gregory frowned, „What is the problem?“
„You know a bit of computer things, right?““Um...yes“ he answered and approached me.

I rubbed my neck. „See I wanted to write that email and it just does not work“
Greg studied my screen and waved me from the seat. „Let me check it out!“ he murmured and took seat when I stood up.
„Any ideas?“ I asked him after a while.
„Hmmmm. You did not give me time though“ Greg murmured and clicked on some buttons.

Just nodding I looked over his shoulder.
„Can’t you just relax? And by the way, this sentence sounds crap!“ Gregory erased that very sentence and wrote something anew.
„No, it sounds good!“

A sigh slipped out of my mouth.
„I had to read it over for a colleague though“ I replied.
Greg looked up with a grin.
„So not your crap?“
I shook my head and looked at him when he pushed the „send“ button.
„Away it is...“ he said and leaned back in my chair.

„Thanks a lot, Greg!“ I replied with a warm smile.
„Oh, by the way ... where did you get this money from?“ he asked and waved with the counterfeit note.
„Oh ... that“ I grinned „I dunno“.
Gregory raised an eyebrow.

„It was just here on my desk“ I answered and pointed at my desk.
„I already asked your ducklings“ I continued with a grin and then shrugged „but they don’t know nothing at all. Any idea?“

Greg gave me a tongue-in-cheek reply.
„If it was on my desk...I would have a faint idea, I think. But here? Hmmmm...Cuddy maybe?“
„Cuddy? Why should she?“ I replied with a questioning look.
He shrugged „Dunno?! Why should anyone?“

„Because it is fun?“ I grinned.
Greg pointed at me and narrowed his eyes, „It was YOU!“
With an innocent look I glanced back.
„Yes, YOU!“
I sniggered first and replied with a rather devilish smile, that I might have chosen a dog picture.
„A dog? Why the dickens???“
„A Chihuahua?“ I asked back.

Gregory snorted.
„Oh bugger ... nice ... you are sooo very kind!“ he said with a dry tone.
My answer was rather that of an eight year old now.

He rolled his eyes towards the ceiling.
„So ... it was NOT you?“
„What?“ I asked back.
„The moooooney“ he said and rolled his eyes again.
I rubbed my neck „Oh ... I had such a topic with Eric lately.“
„What kind of topic?“ Greg asked with twinkling eyes.

Slightly blushing I replied silently „That you are worth all the money in the world!“
His answer was a blush and a slightly dorky grin.
After a second or so he asked „When ... I mean ... when and why did you tell him that?“
I rested my hands on the desk and looked outside.
„Oh ... I met him in Chicago, didn’t I tell you that? He was there as well due to some business.“
„... No ...“
„Oh ... I suppose I had other things in my mind this weekend then“ I answered with a wink.
Gregory grinned, „I bet you had!“
„I hope you liked my little surprise?!“
„Mhm“ I said and felt a lump in my throat. I rearranged my tie and cleared my throat.

Greg brushed over his chin.
„You tend to fumble at your tie when you get horny.“
I immediately stopped rearranging my tie and combed through my hair.
He winked at me.
„And you do THAT when you want ME to get horny...“
„I ...“

I caught myself gnawing on my lower lip and clearing my throat again.
He really got it right at that time – but as we had no time and were in my office ... I just pushed it away. So I decided to stay cool when Greg asked me to spit it out.
„We’re alone! C’mon ... spit it out!“
„Nothing“ I said and fetched my wallet.
„Ready for lunch?“

Gregory sighed and nodded.„Yes ...“

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Dr. Gregory House said...

Of course I got that right.
I know you!