Saturday, May 05, 2007

Visitors and finding an old pic

Well, our visitors - Greg has already written about it - are here within a minute.

So looking forward to it we both are (please note the sarcasm) ... just cleaned the flat a bit and while removing some old photography books a loose pic fell out ...

Gregory looked at it and grinned.

"Holy, James! That one I know!"

"Huh?" I asked him and looked puzzled.

He waved at me with a picture in his hand and I approached him.

"What do you have here?"

"You!" he said with a broad grin upon his face and showed me the pic.

"Geez!" I muttered and blushed slightly.

"I know when this pic was made" Greg said with a smile.

"Sure you know it, it was you who made it several years ago" I replied and stared at the picture.

"Mhm, on that very congress we first met" Gregory whispered into my ear.

I just nodded and we both looked at the photography.
And here it is:

This photo was made by Gregory on the first day we met ... several years ago as you can see.
The door bell just rang ... have to go for now!


Dr. Gregory House said...

Discussing something, right?
I remember that day so well it's almost scary.
And I like that photograph!

Dr. James Wilson said...

I remember it as it were yesterday!