Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Guinness ...

and the consequences when you don't stop drinking...

Yes, I have to admit that I am slightly drunk while writing this entry - okay, Greg and I are both slightly drunk.

A bit too many pints though - so should you find any errors and mistakes - keep them! I might change the entry a bit when I am sober again.

Just wanted to babble a bit ... - Greg said I would tell you about what we just did - he should know me better by now.

What did we you are asking yourself?

Are you mature? Are you able to breathe slowly while reading some erotic stuff? Are you a heart attack risk patient?

Should you be a risk patient for any kind of attacks - just stop reading now! If you are mature ... and wanting to have some distraction - continue! Don't blame me though - it was a bet (again) and I told you we are far away from being sober!

I should tell you perhaps that we had a bit of a conversation after Foreman left our apartment this evening. He just did come by for a talk and a beer - some misunderstandings happened while Foreman was here and so we talked about that when he just left us some hours ago.

You are probably not interested about the reason of our little discussion, are you?
Hmmm... I guess you are - why would you read this blog though?

Okay - let me just tell you that it was jealousy again ... Greg was jealous because I had a phone call (he did not know that I was talking with my sister!) - he acted slightly stupid then and that caused me to react stupid as well.

"You should have told me that you were talking with Rachel, Jim!"
I shrugged and opened two bottles of Guinness.
"You could have asked me!" I answered and handed him one bottle.
"I could have done that, right" he muttered and took a sip.

I leaned back into the cushions and gazed at him.
Believe me - I will not tell you my thoughts when I recognized how sexy he looked in that new shirt.
He must have noticed my look though and raised an eyebrow.
"Come here, James!" he spoke silently.
He pointed to his feet "You ... come here!"

I frowned but arose and approached him.
My hands in my pockets I stood before him and looked down.
Gregory grabbed my belt and drew me down on his lab.
"I want you" he moaned and started to unbotton my shirt.
"Pardon?" I asked him and leaned back slightly.
"You are not deaf!" he grunted and pulled the shirt over my head.
"Now!" Gregory muttered through gritted teeth and kissed my chest with hot and wet kisses.

A sigh slipped out of my mouth and my tongue moistured my lips.
Greg's tongue tip circled around my nipples and his left hand unbuckled my belt.
Slightly panting now I opened the upper buttons of his shirt and removed it then together with the t-shirt he was wearing underneath.
"Greg" I sighed when his fingers played with the fabric of my boxers.

"Down" he whispered and pushed me off his lab.
We both sank down to the ground andGreg then removed my trousers and my boxers with one fast movement.
Gregory eyeballed me and a warm smile appeared on his face.
"Oh Jim, you are driving me crazy!" he moaned silently and with his knee he parted my legs.

I watched him removing his own trousers and enjoyed the every move he made and every inch of his skin that was revealed.
My look was caputed by his delicate part and I gestured him to come closer ...

Gregory shook his head, "No, not pleasing now ... I just want you like that ..." and with these words he showed me what he meant.
A loud moan filled the air - and it took me a while to realize that it was me moaning his name.

He made me feeling oh so weak and I nearly had a heart attack.
"I am all yours" I sighed and moaned and muttered several times.
"Yes ... you ... are ...mine..." he replied and we both tried to catch breath again.

Fingers caressing my chest, finger nails scrathing over his back, clutching his bum ...
Deeper ...quicker ... and higher he took us both - and our dance of lust just errupted in a firework after a long long time.

... ... ...

Guinness can cause a lot - and perhaps it is a kind of unknown aphrodisiac as well?! Who knows that ...

I hope I won my bet now ... and I hope no one with a weak heart read that!


Dr. Gregory House said...

A bet...yes...
And I lost it.
Want the stake right now?
And if yes, HOW do you want it?

Dr. James Wilson said...

How ...

Could question - what about ...

I think I will just tell you -

"Do it again, Greg!"

Dr. Gregory House said...

Right now?

Dr. James Wilson said...

Why not ...

Too late for you? Or ... for the neighbors?

Dr. Gregory House said...

Neither nor...

Dr. James Wilson said...

So ... now would be perfect!

Dr. Gregory House said...

Fine then...
Be prepared!

Dr. James Wilson said...


Dr. Gregory House said...

Shut down that damn laptop.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Ignore it... or shut it down!

Dr. Gregory House said...

I'll ignore it...