Wednesday, May 02, 2007


mood: more than amused

Just followed some links to our blogs and found some cute little comments ...

Do you believe every single word we are writing here? Readers?

Do you really believe everything?

I mean ... me buying some fairy lights etc. - we are not always telling the truth about our life.

Would it be of interest boring you with normal cases and with the all around bustle at work?

Not really if you are honest!

We are just telling you the truth most of the time ... but sometimes let us enjoy the fact of writing and playing pranks a bit.

Some person we know might have bought or done those things ... but we wont tell you who though ...

Believe us - we are not that nice ...

I am not that nice all the time - but ... that is for sure, we are no teenage girls and you should know that, right?

By the way, we are laughing our asses off at the moment and that is just true. Sober ... ehm ... is a thing far far away from where we are now.

Have fun and always think about the importance of being earnest!

It is sometimes just wise to be funny as well...




Dr. Gregory House said...

You bought the fairy lights....
Feeling awkward now?
No...I am not nice.
I know that.

Dr. James Wilson said...

So ... you are teasing me again!

You mentioned that with the lights ...

You are teasing me all the time!

Anonymous said...

Now I feel bad for even making that post. Everyone was so curious about you two since you're popular.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Hello perhin,

Don't feel bad. I mean it was just funny, wasn't it.

I took it as fun and I hope my post was regarded as such a reply.

Popular, huh?

Wooohooo ... since when?