Saturday, May 12, 2007

On my way

mood: happy

I am already waiting at the airport and sitting in an Internet café here ... about to leave soon and just using the waiting period for checking emails and - obviously - writing a short message on my blog.

Finally the congress is over and I will soon be at home again!

I really missed Greg and I am happy to see him again in a few hours. Just a bit of a boring flight and then he will pick me up from the airport though.

So looking forward to this weekend I am.

He promised me a surprise and I hope it will be a nice one!

Really could do with some snuggling, cuddling and snogging ...

The congress was more or less interesting and some of the lectures were really good I have to admit.

Yesterday evening there was a dinner for all the participants and after that some of us went into a nice Irish pub near the hotel.

Did I tell you were I am? I think I just forgot to mention that I am in Chicago at the moment.

I will tell you more about it when I'll be at home and having some time to write.

Now I have to leave ... only a few minutes left!

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