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Sins and the repay ...

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I've started this entry some days ago and well ... I saved it as draft all the time though. Not sure if I really should post this slightly embarassing episode of my clinic life here where everyone can read it. Well, I am following the "you have to make up for it" advice given by a close person (not Gregory for sure!). So this is my view of Cuddy's spring party:

Cuddy's spring party ... well it really sounded like fun first. Good weather, good music, good food and some little distraction. Really sounded like a pleasant event.

Pleasant it might have been for other persons than us.

It actually began nice ... after the usual "welcome round", greeting Cuddy and thanking her for the invitation, we proceeded with drinks, a Cohiba and me watching Greg torturing Danby. It was really fun watching Danby squirming and giving me some side glances - Greg wasn't mean though but I finally decided that enough was enough and nudged Greg's side. A friendly hissed "Greg!" made him stop it and grinning at me. So typically him ... So far it was the beginning of a perfect spring evening.

Some of Cuddy’s single friends (those with more cleavage than brain - Greg said) wanted to dance with me and well, I did dance with some of them though. Of course they stopped "lining up" when Gregory made it clear that I am not a single doctor and not - well - interested in them.

He can be so directly sometimes. A demanding kiss really can tell everything though. After that said kiss I had enough time enjoying the evening without having to avoid looking at enormous cleavages. I spent most of the time talking to colleagues and to Greg as well by and then. He did enjoy that part of the evening though - we both did ...

Chase and Foreman I did see in the winter garden (close to the buffet) talking to Dr. Reid and Dr. Dorian.
Cameron did enjoy the evening with another woman - and what I heard when passing by they just talked about men ... so I did not stop then. Some pleasant time later, Cuddy asked us all to join in the large tent - the time for speeches! She thanked all guests for coming ...

"Heck, Jim, did you see that she looked at Vogler? What the mighty god is he doing here?" Gregory hissed and narrowed his eyes.
I just shrugged and answered "He has money".
"Hrm, good point" Greg murmured. "Geez, I really didn't notice him before. What is very interesting as he is not to be overseen."
"He probably was in another tent?!" I replied.
"Yeah, alone I bet" Gregory answered and we both grinned.

Her speech lasted for a while and we both stood in the back of the tent (our luck as you will see soon!). Foreman and Chase stood near us and were looking at each other (they really are a cute couple though) - obviously they wanted to be somewhere else - but hey, who not! Cuddy then started to talk about criminal happenings in the PPTH - of course NOT about what Allenby did (that was kept all silent though). She talked about patients hitting doctors and even doctors terrorizing fellow docs.

Greg grinned at me "Who the hell would terrorize his own colleagues?" he said with an utmost innocent smile.
"Let me think about that ... " I said with a raised eyebrow.
Gregory nudged my shoulder and then pulled me a bit closer and whispered into my ear.
"What about being terrorized later?"
"Sounds alluring" I whispered back and we both looked completely innocent.
Cuddy did carry on - telling that this is now the past etc. etc.

The new project „Security 3000“.
"Security 3000?" Greg said and snickered. Well the grins upon our faces vanished when it was told that cameras had been installed (without knowing) weeks ago ... CAMERAS in the whole building!

"Cameras?" I whispered and looked at Greg.
His eyes were wide open and he was staring on the screen.
Entry hall, pharmacy, cellar, parking lot, floors and then ... there it was ... the sign of the Diagnostic Department.

My eyes popped open when I noticed Gregory's office ... Grey laying on the sofa with his shirt half open and moaning „Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!“.

We both stood there, our mouths slightly opened and staring in disbelieve on the LCD screen.
Now I came into sight, murmuring "Come here, babes" ...
Gawd it was sooo embarassing what came next.
I ... I ... well it was shown how I kissed Gregory, licking over his lips with the tip of my tongue.
"I want you, darling!" I whispered silently. "I want you - here and now!"

Oh my GOD - the audience stared on the screen and the next thing I noticed was - me on the ground, Gregory by my side.
"Oh my fucking god" we both whispered simultaneously.

We were so happy that no one was looking in our direction and that no one stood there - no one saw us crawling to Foreman and Chase - hiding behind some chairs.
Cuddy must have managed to switch of that damn screen - we noticed the people started to discuss and that was our chance.

"Kss, kss.." Greg hissed.
Neither Foreman nor Chase showed any reaction.
„Foreman!“ Gregory whispered.
Foreman turned his head and looked down.
"Please tell us that you are still sober and your car is waiting in front of the house!" Greg asked.

Chase and Foreman both frowned and I had the feeling they were grinning their asses off inside.
„I am still sober and my car is outside“, Foreman answered.
„Would it be possible that ...“ Greg asked and we both must have looked like wounded animals.

Foreman raised and eyebrow „That we get ya outta here and save ya ass?" he asked with a slang.
„Yeah!“ I answered.
He sighed and made a little movement with his head towards the entrance of the tent.
"Outta here then. My car is standing in front of the house. We are there in a few minutes."

Greg and I managed to flee without notice. The two figures hiding behind the tents and bushes... well - no burglars though ... just us.


So embarassing - and the week was like HELL!

More about that later ... perhaps.


Dr. Gregory House said...

Oh Jesus!
I'm still blushing crimson when I think of that!

Dr. James Wilson said...

mhmm... you are not alone!