Saturday, March 24, 2007

Playing the melody

mood: relaxed

music: Edvin Marton ~ Oda of Joy

Saturday now. WEEKEND! Oh what a pleasure this is ...
Gregory had to go to the clinic - yes, on a Saturday - some complications with his current case and his beeper went of this morning. Cameron needs his help ... so he did went. I kissed him goodbye and decided to lay down again after he was gone. Ehm... I really didn't want to sleep that long though... at about noon I woke up and felt totally dizzy.

So the first thing I did was percolating some good and strong coffee and jumping under the shower.

Now I am sitting here in the living room, listening to that gorgeous music and thinking about writing down what happened yesterday evening. The beginning of our weekend ...

So - hm ... why not.

The evening just started wonderful. I came home a bit later as I did buy some food for the weekend though and had to stay a bit longer as I had a meeting with Danby and my new trainee, Amy Weaving.
When I opened the door I was greeted by Oda of Joy played on the piano by Gregory. So I stepped in silently and watched him a while playing with his eyes closed.

He seemed to be so lost in the music that he didn't notice me tiptoeing behind him. When he finished the last accords of the play I bent forward and placed a kiss on his neck. Gregory leaned back and looked up straight into my eyes.
"If you wanted to give me an infarct, darling. Be aware that I noticed you the very moment you came into the apartment." me murmured and smiled.
I just smiled at him, caressed his throat and bent down to kiss him tenderly.

His lips felt so soft and tender I just could not resist to open them with the tip of my tongue.
Gregory moaned out silently and my hands just found their way down his throat and they unbuttoned his shirt magically.
I hadn't noticed Greg lifting his arm up until he did put his hand around my neck and forced me to kiss him deeper.

We both moaned out loud now and hand slipped under his shirt where it did find the softness of his skin.
"Why don't you come around my chair now?" Gregory whispered.
I felt my stomach twisting a bit and the only answer I could give was a "Mhmmm".
Slightly embarassed I came around his chair - as it was clearly to be seen what his kiss caused though.
Gregory pulled me down on his lap and started to unbotton my shirt eagerly.

"Oh Greg" I murmured and I opened his shirt now completely, placing kisses upon his naked chest.
He pulled me closer and I looked him straight into his astonishing blue eyes.
Greg brushed over my cheek with his own and bent down to kiss my neck.
I couldn't do anything else then letting my head roll back a bit and offering him my neck and throat.

Greg grunted and bit my throat and a moan slipped out of my mouth.
While unbuttoning my shirt he kissed every exposed inch of my skin and a deep sigh emerged from my lips.
He did let my shirt slip over my shoulders and losened my tie.
I looked him in the eyes and asked "Wanna have me with my tie?"

Gregory grabbed said tie and pulled me closer with it.
"Maybe..." he murmured and kissed me passionately.
I got totally lost in his kiss and forgot the world around me when he touched a very dominant part of my body with his free hand.
"Oh GOD!" I heard myself speaking.
Greg smirked a "Mmmmh?" and opened my pants ...

"What about playing another melody now?" he asked me while his hand slipped deeper.
I was unable to answer and just nodded.

What happened then is just for your imagination now ... did you really think I would tell you what happened?
C'mon guys ... pity for you!

The melody we played was a mixture between classics, rock 'n roll and a tiny bit of reggae.
After the last tunes of the melody vanished in the air, I turned towards him and a smile appeared upon my face.
"You are really good in playing melodies, Greg" I murmured.
Gregory just grinned and reached behind me to grab his Vicodin bottle.
While he popped out one he looked at me and after dry swallowing one pill down he raised an eyebrow.
"You, Jim, are good in pulling the right strings to let me just play that very special kind of melody."

I blushed slightly and straightened up again.
"Pulling your strings is always a pleasure for me, House!"
"House? Huh?" Greg said and straightened up as well.
"Yepp, right, House!" I answered and winked at him.
"You ... TEASE! Wilson!"
"What?" I asked and shrugged "You said that I am good in pulling the strings. So?"

"Hmph" Greg grunted and stood up.
"But I did not mean that you should call me House now!"
"Aw, c'mon Greeeg. That was just a joke" I yelled after him as he was limping into the kitchen.
"Funny joke, Wils!" I heard him muttering aloud.
I jumped up and picked up my clothes and followed him into the kitchen.

Leaning against the door frame with my arms crossed before my chest I smirked at him.
Gregory gave me a side glance while grabbing two glasses out of the cupboard.
"You really find that funny, huh?" he asked me.
I raised an eyebrow and answered with a slightest hint of a smile "Why not?"
"Because HOUSE is so ... so... so very cool and clinic-like, WILSON!"
The slightest hint of a smile became a broad grin now and I approached him.

Letting my index finger run over his still bare naked chest I looked him deep into the eyes.
His eyes closed for about a second and popped open again when I placed a tender kiss upon his nose tip.
"Pulling the strings the baby, doesn't mean I have to be nice all the time, right?" I said with a deeper voice.

"You are a mean, Jim! You really can be mean sometimes! What a pity the others don't know what kind of little devil you can be" he muttered through gritted teeth while he pulled me closer.
"I think there is no need that the other know me like that. Let them just think that I am the handsome and kind James Evan Wilson" I answered with a little devilish smile.

"So, what about playing another melody now? I have something more devilish in my mind for you, Mr. Devil Wilson" Gregory whispered into my ear and his look fixed the kitchen table.

It was me swallowing and I tried to step back a bit - but without success.
Gregory pinned me against the kitchen unit and began to play a devilish melody with his fingers ...


Dr. Gregory House said...

I am about to play another tune right now...

Anonymous said...

Sie spielen also nur mit Wilson?

Dr. James Wilson said...

My German is rather bad though, I allow me to answer he - although Gregory might answer as well.

Playing was meant in another sense of meaning ... Mr./Ms. Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Das ist mir bewusst. Doch ich denke nicht, dass House der richtige für sie ist Dr Wilson.
Halten sie sich lieber an Debbie.
Die passt besser zu ihnen.

Dr. James Wilson said...


Holy - NO! She is a nice person, right - but ... believe me Gregory is the right person for me!

Anonymous said...

Denken sie nicht das er sie je betrügen könnte?

Dr. James Wilson said...

Who the heck are you?

And ... NO - he wouldn't betray me as I would not betray him.

Anonymous said...

Ist es so wichtig wer ich bin?

Vielleicht die neue Flamme von Greg?

Dr. James Wilson said...

Apparently NOT!

You might better check the 6th floor though, hm?

Anonymous said...

So sicher?
denken sie Greg würde es ihnen sagen, wenn da jemand anderes wäre?

Anonymous said...

He Anonym - was sollen denn diese blöden Anspielungen?
Lass Wilson in Ruhe!
Du bist doch nur neidisch!

Anonymous said...

Mhm, vielleicht bin ich das, trotzdem
sind House und Wilson nicht füreinander gemacht.
House ist ein Grießkram und
Wilson ein Frauenschwarm!

Anonymous said...

Wilson hatte doch schon manchmal den Gedanken, dass House ihn betrügt, also kann er sich nicht 100% sicher sein.

Das kann man nie.

Dr. Gregory House said...

You got that "playing" stuff completely wrong.
And I am more than annoyed - I am upset now.
Go and play in the traffic!
You don't know me and you are most definitely not my 'new sweetheart'.
There is no one else. Got that?