Monday, March 19, 2007


Careful readers might remember that Gregory and I decided to spend the weekend far away from the PPTH, far away from anyone who might probably have seen that video tape, far away from being disturbed ... and so we packed our things and drove to Point Pleasant on this Saturday morning.

„I’ll be driving!“ Gregory said while we were just putting our coats on.
„Fine“ I answered and grinned „Here are the keys“ I said and pointed at them.
„Keys for your car, right! Driving means driving you know. It would not be driving if we would take your escargot.“
„My what?“ I said and looked at him. ... ... „Escargot ... „ I thought – there was something ...

Gregory smirked „Yes, es-car-go-t“
„Oh common, Greg or should I say Axel Foley?“ I answered and rolled my eyes.
„Do I look like Axel?“ Greg replied with a grin.
„No, but sometimes you behave like Serge.“
„You ... you ...“
Just grinning broadly I packed my bag and made my way out, not without waving with my hand „C’mon Serge ...“
„You’ll get your Serge and the lemon as well“ he muttered behind me and I could not resist to look back and grin my ass off.
„Aaw, don’t be pissy, Greg. Sure you do not behave like that Serge. Let’s go now and if you want to, we take your midlife crisis car.”

Gregory snorted, grabbed his bag and closed the door behind him.
“Midlife crisis car is better than that booooring Volvo.”
“Hey, a Volvo is a good car!”
“Sure…” he said and we approached his car.
We threw our bags in and took seat.
“You” Gregory said “you will just not complain about my driving now.”
I decided to say nothing at all – there are even better ways to complain …

The drive to PP was pure fun – and not only because I did ask him every now and then if we are about to arrive … no, it was really funny.

Can you believe what idiots are driving on open streets? Can you imagine? No?
Let me tell you about some happenings on our way to PP though.

Greg did take the road out of town and we had to wait for „green“ when Greg nudged my left knee.
„Kks, kks, look at that Indian in the other car. He is definetely looking at you.“
I was just eating some bagel for breakfast and turned my head towards the direction Greg showed me.
And really, there was a man sitting in the car (Indian for sure) and grinning at me.
This grin became a broad smile and he gave me a "thumb up".

I just nodded, smiled a bit and turned my head to Greg.
"Heck, did he flee from the 6th floor, or what?"
Greg giggled and shrugged. "Perhaps he did find it sexy how you ate the bagel, Jim."
"Bollocks!" I muttered and was still flattered.
Gregory to the contrary began to laugh and after a while I just had to laugh as well.

This was the start of our drive to PP though.

Some miles out of town and at least five questions of "Are we there yet?" later (asked by me) - we were passed by a greenish pick up (you know that Army green).

Our eyes popped open when we just looked out of the window simultaneously while the car passed... behind the steering-wheel sat a typical "redneck" with - believe it or not - a tissue on the head. You know - a bigger handerchief with four knots ... and not if that had been enough ... at his side sat a young, ehm, woman with hydrogen peroxide blonde hair that was teased so much, it looked like she just got an electric shock.

"Did ya ... did ya see that!" Greg asked me and pointed at the passed car - now in front of us.
And now we saw a big Rottweiler on the loading area of the pick up ... and he stared at us! Yes, he stared at us.
I nodded, "Yes, but I don't know if we are just having a mutual hallucination or so, 'cause this really must have jumped out of a freaking nightmare or a very very very bad B movie."
"That dog did stare at us. Do you know 'Cujo'?" Gregory asked me with a blank expression.
Still nodding, I pointed at the sticker. "G'sus! That really must be a nightmare, Greg!"


Gregory nodded, looked at me, looked back at the car, which did take another direction now and then he looked back at me...
I looked at Greg, looked on the empty street now, looked back at Greg again ...
and we both errupted in such a laughter that Greg had to take the next way off the road and stopped - where we just laughed our asses off.

"Oh my freaking GOD! That really is ... unbelievable!" Gregory snickered after a few minutes and I was just giggling madly, trying to catch breath again.
"Yeaaas" I said and copied a South accent "prrroud ta be an Americaaan, ya know paaal!"

Good - that cause us another fit of laughter that lasted a few minutes ...
About three minutes later and with hurting abdominal muscles we got on the road to PP again.

Without another 'incident' we arrived in Point Pleasant in the early afternoon ... WEEKEND here we were!

A more than pleasant drive though and full of laughter and fun ...


Dr. Gregory House said...

Geez....Holy Moses...I could still laugh my ass off.
That dog...

Dr. James Wilson said...

That dog was ... really creppy though!