Thursday, March 22, 2007


I am lying in bed and my thoughts are wandering to you. Miles away you are now, miles away and I am feeling home all alone.
There is no one here in the apartment, no one but me and probably some little creatures I don’t even want to think about ... they don’t count.

No visitors count ... no one counts but you.

You are gone and I am here all alone. With a sigh I grab your pillow and can still smell the scent of your perfume. The perfume fills my nostrils and sinks deep in ...deep down into my soul it sinks – the key to my heart is turned and the door opens.

Oh, I miss you so much. So many hours without you, here in the cold and dark bedroom of ours. Everywhere I go, everything I see, reminds me of you.

My eyes wander to the alarm clock standing on your nightstand – it is three in the morning. Normally you would be lying there, sleeping like a baby wrapped up like a silk worm in its cocoon ... but not now, not tonight ...

Tonight I am alone here – and so I close my eyes and dream me to you. First there is only blackness and then suddenly the blackness is lifted up and there you are. Miles away sitting in an empty hotel room, staring into the amber liquid of a single malt. I can see that you are thinking and a sigh slips out of my mouth – suddenly you raise your head as you would have heard me ... but how could that be.

Closer I come and now I am standing in front of you, looking at you and kneeling before you. I have the imagination that I can smell the scent of your perfume – how could this be, this is just my imaginary journey.

My hands want to touch your beautiful face, my lips want to kiss your sweet and soft lips but the only thing I do is to look at you. Your pupils widen as you could see me, my eyes sink into yours and deep deep down I sink.

Drowning in your eyes I am ... your soul tears me deeper downwards until I’ve reached the bottom of your soul. Gently I touch your lips with my finger tips and I hear you whispering my name. Slowly I bent forward to kiss you with all my love -only millimeters away my lips are from yours, I already can feel the warmth of your body...

My lips slightly open and I hear you whispering my name again ... just then our lips meet – and the telephone rings…with a moan I pick up and answer the call, my eyes are still closed and I am still trying to hold you there … but you are gone when I hear you whispering my name – “James”.

Eyes now open I stared at the phone and with a whisper I asked “Greg? Am I dreaming?”
“No, darling, it is me. I was sitting here in my hotel room, staring into a glass of single malt and was thinking of you…I miss you so much my love, I just had to call you.”
“Oh dear” I answered silently and straightened up in bed “I miss you as well!”

“Will you come here? Will you come here?” Gregory asked me and I could just nod.
“Yes, tomorrow I’ll be in Boston as well. Tomorrow I’ll be with you.”
“You’ll be with me in a few hours, Jim” Greg murmured and I checked the watch again.

It was 5 a.m. and I must have slept, must have dreamt it all.
“Yah, in a few hours we will see us again. Let us sleep now, dear, hm?” I replied.
“James … I … I had the feeling that you are here, I just had the feeling that we kissed and for a tiny bit of a second I thought that I did see your brown eyes. Am I going insane?”
A smile of disbelief appeared on my face and I rubbed my neck.
“Well, perhaps we are both going insane because I dreamt exactly that, hun’”
“I did dream that I was in your hotel room and looked at you … and then we kissed”
“Oh, right” I replied and became aware that I was still snuggling with his pillow. A bit embarrassed I put it aside and thought about the happening.
“So, Greg… do you think that was some kind of … ehm …magic or did we just have a weird dream or so?”
“Magic? Huh? Oh common, Jaaames! Magic that is just ridiculous. But well, we should perhaps ask Foreman about that phenomenon.”
“Oh… okay…”

“I am tired. I’ll go sleeping now…” Greg murmured with a very sleepy voice.
“Do so, honey” I answered and listened to his breath then.
A few moments later without an answer, I asked “Greg? Darling?”
The only answer I got was typical sleeping sound …

Still smiling I did hang up and looked at the ceiling.
Was that now some magic? … Well, we don’t know what it was – but I know that I decided to stay up and a few hours later I took the flight to Boston.


Dr. Gregory House said...

Magic? C'mon...
We just had the same thoughts.
Isn't that magical enough?
I am glad you joined me, luv.

Dr. James Wilson said...

We had a pleasant time in Boston though ... if we don't count the lectures!