Thursday, March 29, 2007


The following words can be seen as a prose: Merely words and thoughts about - solitude!

In solitude I stand here on that open meadow, nothing than green can be seen and in some distance there stands a lonely tree ... in solitude.

With my head dropped down and staring on the muddy ground I walk towards that tree up the little hill.
Grayness is ruling today and a mysterious mist is hanging over the grass and sets a dimmed color upon the landscape.

My thoughts they wander back in time and I find myself in solitude again – this time standing on a cliff and staring out on the sea. Dark clouds give the sea an unearthly color, like blue ink it sparkles and whiteness of the spume stands in deep contrast to the nearly black sea.

There at the horizon a lonely ship is cruising ... in solitude.

I am standing in front of the weathered tree and its brownish green skin grabs my attention and my mind goes astray.
The brownish green reminds me of a pair of eyes I once knew. A lonely tear rolls down my cheek and I bare my heart – a lonely cry slips out of my mouth when I remember that I wasn’t always wandering alone down the road of life.

I remember solitude being a foreign word for me once … but now, here leaned against the weathered tree I feel like solitude itself. As I sat there and was in a brown study – a tiny little butterfly landed upon my knee and my puffy eyes absorbed his beauty, his fragility and his softness.

It just made my heart slop over and I closed my eyes anew. A light filled my heart and I opened my eyes – just to see the butterfly still sitting on my knee. The warmth I felt crawled up my stomach, reached my heart and made its way to my mouth – and a smile enlightened my face.

‘Solitude is only when you can’t see the beauty around you’ I sighed silently and admired the amazing colors of the little creature.
So I sat there – just me and the butterfly, leaned against a lonely tree upon a lonely hill in a misty landscape and we both enjoyed not being alone. Me and the butterfly united in solitude …

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