Thursday, March 29, 2007

Questioning or Asking for a consultation

Well, Gregory asked me to write my view of the consultation down he mentioned in his blog though.

I really had to think twice about it if I should do it or not.

But - well, here we are:

It was in January 1997, on the 11th to be exactly. I remember that date because - well, I wrote it down.
Yes, I did write it down - but No - I will not tell were the diary is.

I had a very hard case to solve here and really needed some help.Just have to admit that I had no clue what I could have done more with that patient. We've already made a bunch of tests - no results. Well, none counting!

So I asked Cuddy (yes she just got the position as dean here) if it might be possible to ask a very competent doctor for help.
"And who is that very competent doctor, Wilson?" Cuddy asked me.
"I don't think you know him. His name is Dr. Gregory House."
Cuddy looked at me with wide open eyes.
"You know House?" she asked me and I had the slightest feeling that she was a bit nervous.
"Yes, I know him. Well, we spent ... a few days at the same congress though." I answered.

"Really? Where is he working?"
"Working? In Baltimore" I told her and she smiled at me.
"Baltimore, hm? Well, go ahead and ask him and I might think to offer him a post here." Cuddy said with a smile and scribbled something down.
"Offering him a post here?" I asked and it was now me feeling a slightest bit nervous though.
Cuddy just nodded and waved me out of her office.

"Okay, call him then" I thought and went back into my office.
Fifteen minutes later I was still staring at the phone and holding his number in my hands.
With a sigh I put the number aside and stood up.
"Better doing it later, he might probably not be at home" I muttered to myself, changed into my coat, grabbed my bag and made my way out of the PPTH.

Approximately one and a half hour later I found myself sitting in front of the phone - this time at home - again.
I poured me some bourbon and sipped at it.
"Okay" I sighed and dialed the number.
Some rings later the call was anserwered with a barked "House?!"
I swallowed hard and replied "Wilson here".
"Wilson...", he said and my stomach stitched.

" do remember me?", I then heard me stammering into the handset.
"Not the boring gynecologist from Boston?"
I grinned broadly "Okay, okay. I see you do remember me!". Well, that was an insider joke between me and Greg and so I laughed (and was relieved as well - he did remember!).
"What can I do for you?" he replied and if I was right - he snickered a bit.
"You could do me a favor, House...You could come to Plainsboro and help me with a case I have here."
"You'll pay the ticket, I suppose?" Gregory asked.
"I do. And the hotel room. Well...PPTH will pay for it." I said with a nod.
"Is there a Four Seasons at Plainsboro?" I heard him ask.

A Four Seasons ... my thoughts raced and an idea just became very clear.
With a nervous smile I said "Hm...not Four Seasons...but another place with delicious food and good drinks. Wilson's Place nearby the hospital."
No sign of answering on the other side for a few seconds and my heart did pound against my chest.
"Did I really... I mean have I really asked that?" Thinking that I hardly recognized his question.
"Wilson's Place, hm?"
" case you..." I began and was interrupted by his "Okay!"
Suddenly my mouth felt dry like sand, so I grabbed the bourbon and downed it at once.
"Fine though! There is a flight in the early morning hours. Would that be fine?"
"Sounds good!" Gregory replied ...

We agreed that I will pick him up at the airport at about 9 am next morning - and so I did.
Although we've already met two times before and talked once in a while on the phone, I felt somehow nervous when I saw him.
The drive to the PPTH was real fun and I was happy to see him again. I enjoyed mocking him a bit and we laughed our asses off in the car.

It took us a while to reach the hospital and when we arrived I guided him to my office.
After he stuffed his bag there I showed him around the PPTH.
The time we spent together solving the case was really good and I enjoyed it very much having him around.
Cuddy talked with Gregory for a while about John Hopkins and their studies there.
I knew she made her exam at Hopkins as well - but hearing her calling Gregory a 'legend' was surprising.

On the way to my car I asked him though if he likes the PPTH. He agreed with a smirk and side glance and I told him that Cuddy is interested in offering 'someone' a job.

As I really was happy that he helped me with that case I invited him for dinner in a seafood restaurant.
The evening at the restaurant passed so fast and I did just enjoy it. The conversation with Gregory was so uplifting and I felt a lot more than comfortable around him.

When I parked my car in front of my flat (yes - not married I was)Greg looked at me and fluttered his eyelashes.
"Thanks a lot for the wonderful evening, Dr. Wilson!"
Oh he can be so funny ... I decided to play the game as well and gave him a flirty smile.
"My pleasure, Dr. House!"

I stepped out of the car,opened the door for him like a gentleman and then walked him to the front door.
My key in his hand - which I gave him before - he opened the door and hesitated a bit.
"What about my goodbye-kiss?" Gregory asked me and I tried to conceal the wobbling knees and the twisting stomach.
So I just raised an eyebrow and asked back, "You kiss on the first date?"

"Actually it's our third date. And if you know you'll see someone again after the third date, you are supposed to kiss then."
Oh, he looked so cute with the pretended thinking and touching his nose tip with his index finger. I really couldn't do anything else than approach him and place my lips on his.

I think that I now might tell, that it felt more than wonderful feeling his lips underneath mine. Really had to hold myself back not to open his lips with the tip of my tongue ...
Geez, I kissed him!

His silent moan brought me a bit back into the here and now and we parted.
I put a smile upon my face and hoped that he did not realize how this kiss affected me.
Gregory grinned and asked me "Fancy a coffee?"
I suppressed a giggle and looked a bit surprised.
" mean...I should come in?"
Greg nodded and played with his hand around the door knob.
"Mhm...yes...that would be nice." I replied and Greg beamed at me.
He opened the door to my flat and I followed him.

The rest of the night was packed with loads of alcohol and I stopped counting at some point. (I might just have been unable to count though)

As Gregory already told you we had some black and blue marks on our bodies ... the only thing I know is that I was half lying on the sofa and we laughed our asses off about a funny joke - or just because we couldn't look straight anymore ... when Gregory moved closer and looked me deep in the eyes.

My mouth suddenly became dry and I licked my lips.
"Did you just do that on purpose, Wilson?"
"Jim" I whispered and Gregory smiled.
"Jim? Well, I am Greg and as far as I can remember we have to seal that with a kiss..."
This time it was him who kissed me first and now I remember it clear while writing it down - we ended up snogging and cuddling on the sofa.

Not that it would be a big problem if friends cuddle (yes also men are allowed to cuddle and probably give the other a smooch) but ... ehm ...this cuddling was extended a bit and the night/morning ended in bed - Greg and I entagled up in each other.

No sex - as far as I can remember - just snuggling, snogging and cuddling ... nothing rude and nothing forbidden (not really). But believe me that this just came into my mind again...

This was my version of that day - better said that happening.

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