Friday, March 16, 2007

Poetry: Mother Nature

I close my eyes and draw a circle in my mind,
fire is rising up high – making all the negative creatures blind.

Slowly I feel my feet sinking into the ground,
my ears they hear a gurgling sound.

The sound I hear is nothing to wonder about,
it is a sound you sometimes hear also aloud.

The rain that normally clutches on Earth,
has now sunk into Mother Earth.

Mother Earth or Mother Nature as you might call,
she is waiting in the entrance hall.

The entrance hall of the world I go now,
I greet her and make a deep and silent bow.

Her beauty is so strikingly true,
with a body of green, grey, brown and blue.

She awaits me there with a stretched out hand,
„Come my angel, follow me into the Otherland“.

I smile at her and my wings they fold,
„You better grab my hand and get a hold.“

So I obey and hold her hand,
and off we go into the Otherland.

Many things she is telling me,
many things that I will learn to see.

And when I open my eyes again,
standing there in my room – just a normal man.

I still hear her words in my mind:
„Open your eyes and don’t be blind!
You are the Earth. The Earth is me.
You are my Child – start to see.“

Mother Nature now is gone,
and again I am here ... apparently alone.

But deep in my soul I feel the ground,
deep in my soul I hear the gurgling sound.
I know, I know ... this is a bit spiritual though. But I did listen to some special music and those words just had to be written down though.
Hope you like it nonetheless.


Dr. Gregory House said...

I'm glad you are writing again.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Thank you my love!

Julia Brooklyn said...

I just can say that I love each of your poems and so it's always a pleasure for me to read new ones :)

Dr. James Wilson said...

Thank you so much, dear Jules!

Hope you are fine and that things are okay!

Julia Brooklyn said...

Thank you, I'm great and it couldn't be much better! Soon I'll finish University and then we will be maried :D

How are you?

Dr. James Wilson said...

I am fine, Jules!

Really fine though.

Julia Brooklyn said...

That's nice to know.

Hope I can write my blog again, but I work so much and there is no time left :(

Dr. James Wilson said...

I know what you mean. But well - I need the writing sometimes to calm down a bit and to get my thoughts sorted.