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The music of the night

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This entry is a look back in time though.

Wednesday, 28th February 2007

For those not knowing it - it was my birthday. 38 years ago I was born ... a little baby boy - wrinkles and well a baby.

So at that Wednesday last week I arose with the smell of freshly brewed coffee in my nose, some humming tunes coming from the kitchen and the odor of fresh rolls etc.

A smile appeared on my face and I strechted and yawned.
"You did that on purpose, now, right?" Greg moaned from the door.
I straightened up and grinned at him.
"I didnt even know that you were standing there, Greg" I said and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes.

"Hmmmmm..." he said and approached me.
"Happy birthday to you, sleepy head" he whispered and did one thing that really no one ever expects from him (as long as you dont know him really good) - he took me in his arms and placed a soft kiss upon my nosetip.

I fondled his hair and whispered a "Thank you" back.
A bit of a hugging time later, Greg stood up again and smiled at me.

"Under the shower and then having breakfast, darling."

Still unfamiliar he calls me all those little nice names though ... it feels good but really is unfamiliar.

Before that it was always Wilson or James, Jim or even Jimmy!
Sure he still calls me that (except the Wilson part - that is really not that often) but I know have names like: cuddly wuddly, darling, hun', buttercup and ... ehm ... bunnybum (this is embarassing somehow, isnt it?).

But in fact I dont want to talk about pet names now, I wanted to give you a report of my day - or better said my little birthday present.

The day was ... well ... work!
After breakfast we went to the PPTH where I was greated with a second breakfast from my colleagues and some flowers and a card from Cuddy though. The rest of the day was pretty normal work.

Cuddy told me that I may leave at 3 pm and that I have a few days off until Monday.
That sounded really really good and I though about hiding in Point Pleasant or even flying to Canada for a few days. Would have been nice as well.

It was 3 pm when Gregory stood in the door frame.
"Ready to leave, Jim?" he asked me with a big smile.
I looked up and nodded "Yes in a minute, Greg. I just have to finish that..."
After I did finish my email I got up, changed my coats and off we were.

"So what are we doing now?" I asked him and whistle a tune afterwards.
"Hmmm... It is your birthday, what do you want to do?"
I frowned a bit and thought it over. Canada was too far ... but Point Pleasant sounded more than alluring.

"Do you have a few days off as well? If so, we could drive to PP for example and just spend the days there. You and me ... some good drinks at hand and a nice and biiig bathtube."
Greg grinned and opened the car we had reached in the meantime.

"That sounds really good for me though. By the way, I am driving now."
I just shrugged - having a chauffeur is birthday-like, isnt it?

I didnt notice where we were driving to until I saw the sign leading to "NEW YORK".
"Ehm Gregory, this is not the way back to our home. Where the heck are we going to?" I asked him and must have looked slightly puzzled.
"Oh, did I forget to mention that I have a birthday surprise for you?" he said beamingly.
"Yeees, you did forget to tell me. So ..." I answered and looked curious "where do we go? Why didnt you tell me and do I have to change my clothes?"

"Sooo many questions at once. First, we go to a nice place. Second I did not tell cause it is a surprise and third, yes we both will change clothes and before you ask again - there are two bags in the back of the car."
"Oh okay" I said and looked out of the window.
"We are defintely driving towards NY. Shopping? Tourist tour? Broadway?" I asked but didnt get an answer though.

Okay I thought - then I will have to wait.
I gnawed on my lower lip and looked out of the car ...
"Are we there yet?" I asked.
"No not yet" he replied.
Some minutes later "Are we there yet?" ... "No" ... "How long will it take" ... "Some time" ... "Are we there yet?" ... A sigh .... "Are we there and what is my surprise" ...

I shrugged, grinned and looked out of the window.
Gregory turned on the music and the sound of a violin filled the car. Edvin Marton I do really like though.

Another half an hour later (yes, I can be patient) ...
"Are we there YET? I have to pee and I am hungry!"
Greg gave me a side glance and the edges of his mouth twisted. I looked at him and we both started to laugh then.

We were still laughing when we passed the New York border and some time later (I hate the traffic in town) we arrived in front of The New York Palace Hotel.

A whistle slipped out.
"Woohooo, Gregory!"
The named just smiled all the time up to our room. Well, it was a suite though - spacious bathtube and a wonderful bed ... ehm - those things I really can remember.

We rested a bit and at 6.30 pm Greg murmured something like "We should get ready soon. We are supposed to be somewhere at 8 pm."
I looked at the watch lazily and nodded "Fine, I'll be in the bathroom then."

He still didnt tell me where we were supposed to be at 8 pm when I asked him after we both got dressed up.
By the way, he looked gorgeous!

He hailed a cap and whispered the destination into the driver's ear.
"Oh c'mon Gregory. Tell me now where we will be going. Pleaaaase" I said and stick out my lower lip a bit and quivered.
"Nah, Jim and stop that - I am better in it."

I stopped and watched the traffic and passing by buildings instead.
"Hmmmm..." I just said and checked the streets.
"What?" Gregory asked.
"Nothing" I answered and just did notice that we were taking the direction towards the broadway.

247 West 44 Street ... Majestic Theater was our stop though.
"The Phantom of the Opera" I whispered and looked at Gregory with a smile and open eyes.
He just nodded and grinned. "Yah, let' enjoy the music of the night though. What do you think?"
"Sure" I stammered and we entered the building.

The musical was fantastic! It was quite a while ago I saw that musical the last time. So I really was more than surprised! It was great. Absolutely stunning!

Howard McGillin as The Phantom was perfect and not to mention Rebecca Pitcher as Christine Daae - she was amazing! Really amazing!

2h 30min and one intermission with champagne later ... I sat there and leaned back in my chair. The bustling sounds around didnt reach my mind and I looked at Greg.
"That was a wonderful surprise, darling." I managed to say after a while and took him in my arms.
"Thank you" I whispered and kissed him.
He really did blush a bit and so did I.
"No need to thank me" he murmured.
"But I want to" I insisted and was still grinning like a fool.

"Hmmm... what about thanking me after dinner?" he asked and stood up.
I followed him "Dinner? Oooh... now as you mention it. I am starving!"

The dinner at Aureole, 34 East 61st Street, was another highlight of the evening. The restaurant is nestled in a sophisticated brownstone on Manhattan’s Upper Eastside. It was very elegant there - fresh cut flowers, soft music and a perfect atmosphere.

We really enjoyed our delicious dinner and the superb wine.
"Do you want to go in a bar for a good night malt?" Gregory asked me when we left the restaurant.
"Hmmm... wasnt there a bottle of Talisker blinking in your bag?" I asked back with a smile.
"Ey, you have a good eye, Jimmy" he said with a wink.
"So, if this is a yes - I'd prefer to spend the rest of the night in our cosy hotel room, Greg."
"This was a yes, right." Greg answered and hailed a taxi, which brought us back to our hotel.

The bottle of Talisker was nearly emptied in the night and we ended up snogging ...

What a birthday I say - and should you every be in New York - go and see the musical there! It is really worth it!


Dr. Gregory House said...

Really worth it.
Especially with you as a companion...

Dr. James Wilson said...

Or you ...