Friday, March 16, 2007

Hold my hand

mood: in love

music: The lights will stay on - The Walkabouts

I woke up in the middle of the night, after some kind of nightmare. Still panting I lay there and stared at the ceiling. Only a grey something up there and I felt a bit alone in the afterglow of my dream.

Tears did wet my cheeks and a deep sigh slipped out of my mouth. Suddenly I heard a moaning and felt a warm hand upon my bare-naked chest. Another sigh emerged and I turned my head slightly.

Gregory was still there, he was still lying there and in the second I looked at him he opened his eyes a bit.
„Did ya have nightmare?“ he mumbled.
I just nodded a bit and turned to the side to watch him. Sleepy head he is and looking so cute in his grumpiness.
Greg moaned again and closed his eyes. „Severe?“

„Mhm“ I managed to moan as well and tried to forget the dream.
„‘Bout what?“ he asked and opened his eyes again.
„You were gone, we had a brawl and you went. We had a severe dispute though and you then threw me out...“
Greg now straightened up a bit and looked at me with open eyes.
„You did ignore me. I was sitting on a bench and waiting for a bus or something like that“ I shrugged and continued „and you just drove by on your motorbike and did ignore me. God! That was so horrible!“
„Oh James, darling, honeybunny... come here...“ he whispered and lifted up the cover a bit.

I crawled to his side and he took me in his arms.
„You know that this will never happen, right?“
I breathed in and out and gnawed on my lower lip.
„You know that...?“ he repeated with a bit deeper voice and caressed my chest.
„I ... I...“
„James Evan Wilson...“ he said and turned me on the back.
I looked at him when he bent over me and studied my face.
„Oh, you ... you cried?“ he asked and gently touched my cheeks.
„I must have cried in my dream“ I murmured and looked away.

He turned my head again and tenderly kissed my cheeks.
„There is no need to cry, Jimmy. Really! I would never ever do such thing.“ With these words he looked me deep into the eyes and my heart started to beat like a drum.
„I ... I know that. But it was such a dark feeling inside. I thought my heart would break into pieces and I felt so alone.“
Greg took me in his arms and held me closely.
„You know, Greg, it really felt horrible and I just woke up with that feeling. So cold, grey, lost and alone.“

„Mhm“ Gregory murmured and snuggled closer. „But you know“ he whispered into my ear „you know what? I am always there for you. Even if we should some time have a fight, believe me you will always be the greatest part in my heart.“
I took his hand and caressed it with my thumb.
„You know what?“ I whispered back „I believe you“.

He placed a kiss on my neck and move so close that no paper sheet could have been placed between us.
„Greg?“ I mumbled sleepily.
„Hmmm?“ he murmured back.
„Will you just hold my hand in the night?“ I asked and already felt myself drifting apart.
„I will hold your hand...,“ he whispered back ...

I am not sure but I think that he also said something like „and I will hold it until our deaths and beyond.“

When I woke up again some hours later, Gregory had prepared some breakfast for me and has written a note that he had to be in the clinic early but that he is there for me, if I need him.

A smile appeared on my face when I read his note – he has written it on a white paper sheet and painted a hand on it as well.

Despite that nightmare my day started pretty wonderful though.


Dr. Gregory House said...

Yes. I said that other thing, too.
And I mean it, dear.
I love you and will never ever leave you.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Oh I do love you as well!

Tomorrow Point Pleasant as planned?