Thursday, March 29, 2007

Poetry: Light

music: The Walkabouts ~ The lights will stay on

mood: in thoughts

Just a new poem I wrote today:

Although the rain is soaking you and you feel hollow and alone,
be sure that there is always hope and light waiting for you.

There is always love in the darkest hours of despair.
There is always a light shining in the cruel pitch black night.

No need to hide behind your fears,
No need to run away and drop everything you believe in,
No need to feel unsure when the truth is there in your soul.

You are an angel amongst the others,
You are a light in the darkest hours,
You are feeling the surety of love, the clarity of the truth
- so my little angel child, be sure that there is light, love and truth!

Just close your eyes and feel the warmth on your back.
Just see your wings illuminating your soul.

Don’t get lost in your thoughts,
Don’t get lost in the blackness around you.
You are light!
You are love!
You are the angel from up above.

This is the truth and the truth is in you,
You are the Light and this is but true.


Julia Brooklyn said...

Great, but I didn't expect something different ;)

Dr. James Wilson said...

Thank you so much, Jules!