Thursday, March 29, 2007


Insanity must have really hit me yesterday. I don’t really know what happend to me though.
I really do not know and I think I’ll have to apologize to Foreman though.

As you might probably know (or not), Foreman is on vacation at the moment. He stopped drinking coffee after 6 pm and well, he has some sleeping problems now.

I am really worried though. I was really worried and hm, I had a very bad day yesterday.

All started when I woke up in the early morning hours and found myself having a slightest bit of a hangover. Greg and I did enjoy the new Black Sheep delivery from Santa Monica a bit too much though.

So I straightened up in bed with a pounding head and a loud moan when everything turned a bit around me.
My side glance showed me that Gregory was still sleeping, wrapped up again in the cover like a silkworm.

I decided that it would probably be wiser to stand up and try to get rid of those nasty headaches.
My footsteps led me into the bathroom and I searched for some aspirin or migraine pain reliever… and I didn’t found any pills there.
“Fuck it” I muttered and leaned my forehead against the mirror.
Okay … what to do now? I thought and went into the kitchen.

Coffee … coffee is always a good idea as well as some breakfast.
So I just percolated some coffee and prepared some breakfast for me and Gregory.
Ever had a hangover? So you might know that on the one hand I felt like shit and not very hungry and on the other – I was starving and needed something really good in my stomach.
This starving feeling just let me prepare some bacon and potato omelette.

After coffee and some omelette (I kept Greg’s warm in the oven) I searched again for some pain relievers and only found Vicodin.
I stared at the bottle and really thought twice if I should use one or not.
I decided not to and just put the bottle aside again.

Fine – 8 in the morning and Gregory was still sleeping. I didn’t want to wake him up though so I tiptoed into the bedroom, grabbed my clothes, dressed and then went to work.
Before I wrote him a message that I couldn’t sleep anymore and didn’t want to wake him up though.

8.30h I started my rotten day at the PPTH.
The headaches did not vanish and they got even worse during the late morning hours.
I really felt like some kind of zombie in the early afternoon and the aspirin I did take – they didn’t work!

My thoughts wandered to Foreman and his sleeping problems and I checked some possible illnesses though.
Of course it really might just be the coffein detox that made him the way he was at the moment, but as he really looked a tiny bit … hm… bitchy and annoyed the last time we met – I was so worried it could be something else.

With my “not being myself” feeling I checked the blogs of the others as well and found that Foreman has already written about his sleeping problems in his own blog.
Fine I thought and started to read … after a while I got more than worried again and did write a comment. Well, I think I have to excuse for it as well though … not really me I was – and I thought my headaches would just kill me and make me going insane.

It was just like I was pushed out of my body and not being me anymore …
I am so sorry about it though.

It was around 2 pm when I decided that enough was enough and I went to the pharmacy and got me some “strong” (very strong) pain relievers.
I swallowed two of them down as soon as I was back in my office though.

The next thing I remember was that I woke up at about 8 pm, lying on the sofa and not knowing at first who I was and where I was.
I checked my watch when I realized that I was still in my office … Eight o’clock in the evening!

“Damn!” I spat out and stood up.
At least those headaches were gone –I changed into my street jacket and made my way out of the hospital.
As I did take a taxi in the morning to the PPTH, I hailed a cab to go back home.
On the way I got a text message from Foreman, where he asked me if I had forgotten the “date” with him, Jeanny (Chase’s cousin from Downunder) and Gregory.

I paid the driver when we arrived in front of our apartment and wrote a text message to Foreman that I will be there within a short time.
Within a bit of a hurry I changed my clothes from “job clothes” into “casual” – that means I did wear a black shirt (without tie), dark blue jeans and a black coat.

I grabbed the cell I bought for Gregory some days ago and let it slip into my jacket.
A pain behind my eyes made me hesitate and a sigh slipped out of my mouth.
“Not again” I murmured and searched for a pill when I remembered that nothing was in the apartment.

The Vicodin bottle on the piano grabbed my attention and I popped out one pill.
“Better then having a rotten evening” I whispered silently and dry swallowed it.
A few minutes later I sat in another taxi and was on my way to Foreman’s apartment or should I better say – where he spends most of the time, namely at Chase’s place.

What comes now can only be explained as a part of insanity or loosing my mind completely. Not that I just had swallowed a Vicodin and had two very strong pain relievers in the afternoon – not that I would just have known that alcohol should never be used with drugs like that … no I just didn’t think right.

One beer at Foreman’s place, a Mojito as a starter in that Mexican restaurant we went for dinner … and I began to see double, heard some voices and felt really somehow strange again.
I really am not right sure what happened all but I am sure that I really did upset Foreman and he must have had his reason though.

What I do know is that I came a bit to myself when I was at home under a cold – very cold – shower, pinned against the wall by Gregory’s cane and found me staring into two very very worried and upset blue eyes.

“You IDIOT!” Gregory yelled at me.
“Do you, by any chance, hear me now? Hello, James? Is that you again or still some little pill demon?!”
“Greg… it .. is … damn cold…” I stammered and shivered under the shower.
“GOOD!” he barked back and I was still pushed against the wall.
“Cold … may I … GREG!” I heard myself speaking with a trembling voice.

Gregory stopped the water and helped me out of the shower then.
“You are really insane sometimes James” he whispered and wrapped me in a big towel.
“What did you take and how many and for heavens sake … WHY?”

I told him all while I had to sit down on the toilet and he rubbed me dry.
After I finished he looked me straight into the eyes and I tried to focus on his pupils.
“You are totally stoned and not yourself” he sighed and supported me on the way to the bedroom.
“You sleep! Now! You need your energy back and tomorrow you should really apologize for what you have said.”
“Mhmmm” I murmured and felt all so dizzy again.

Believe me – I was really shocked when he told me what I’ve said to Foreman.
I already did apologize for my insanity though and I hope that he can forgive me being that idiotic.

I really hope that …

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Dr. Gregory House said...

...and I apologize for the cold shower.
Your lips were blue...