Friday, November 16, 2007

Feeling ashamed

I feel highly ashamed at the moment ...

I promised you to write about the second part of "28 minutes later" ... but you are still waiting for it. I am so sorry!

My only excuse is that I am really da** busy at the moment. It is November yet and as we all know - it is getting cold. Getting cold means sore throats, running noses, icy grounds ... broken arms, broken legs and other typical "winter" injuries or diseases.

Beside clinic duty I had a lot to do in my job as an oncologist. Usual work ... but, unfortunately, a lot to do.

Tristan Allenby (the new doctor) is doing a good job so far. He gets used to Greg's jokes though (more or less) and as Danby takes great care of him - I am no longer acting as his "nanny".

Cuddy wants me to attend the 49th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology in Atlanta (Georgia) which will take place from 08th till 11th December, 2007. Gregory is not really amused about that - as he already had some nice days in mind we could spend in Point Pleasant before the usual last days before X-Mas.

He will be more than pissed off when I have had the time to tell him what Cuddy's new idea was.
She already booked a flight to San Antonio for me, in order to attend the 30th Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, taking place from 13th to 16th December.

I think Greg will know about it tomorrow at the very latest. Until now I had no time to inform him, as we are both working double clinic hours and having other cases as well - i.e. he is busy, annoyed and a tiny bit tensed due to the fact that we will have to work over the X-Mas days.

That was it from here - please accept my apologies. I will (I promise) write about the 2nd part of the "story" and I will (shall) write more in my blog.

Till then - take care!

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Kat said...

Hy I´m happy that you write again. I read every new entery. Please don´t stop writing.