Monday, October 29, 2007

White and Bertie

mood: amused
music: White 'n nerdy ~ Weird Al Yankovich

I am highly amused at the moment. My cousin Jo (the one from California) did send me the following vid by email lately ... Gregory cannot explain it - but we both had to grin broadly.

We once had a dear reader called Bertie ... so:

Dear Bertie,

Should you by any chance by and then read here. We greet you and hope you enjoy the following vid as well.

I was told that a good stout or ale could help watching that vid with a broader grin.

Take care!


TRACY said...

OMG! Is he House?
I like his black man look! Haha!
He is always so funny =D

PS I am watching House Season 3 in Hong Kong =) It is GREAT!!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Pardon me?

House? For sure it is not Gregory! There is a resemblance but it is not Greg - sorry to disappoint you.

Anonymous said...

A Mister Bertie Wooster, if I'm not mistaken! And of course, the ever faithful Jeeves ^^