Sunday, October 07, 2007

Poem: Why ...

It is not a new one - but I thought I might just share it with you. This time - well, it is just one of my poems!

Anyway - I hope you'll like it!

I want to listen to the constant swoosh and susurrus of the world.
Why? Just because I’d like to!

I want to admire the manifold blaze of color.
Why? Just because it makes me happy!

I want to feel the pulse of eternity.
Why? Well, just because it give me inner happiness!

I want to taste the bitterness and sweetness of the truth.
Why? Just because it brings the purest clarity to me!

Don’t you understand those simple wishes?
Perhaps, just because they don’t fit into your way of thinking?
Don’t you see the simplicity of the substance?
Do you perhaps hide behind glamor, appearance and brilliance?
Do you always have to explain things you don’t understand with plain rationality?
Do you think that only YOU are walking on the right way – you are going?

Like bells my laughter sounds …
because your ignorance does not allow me to do elsewise.

When the hour had come and the blossoms slant,
then I will show you the truth.
Just by then you will be able to see and understand –
that at the very end we all walk on the same way!

(C) J. E. Wilson


Julia Brooklyn said...

I just have to say that you are the only person I know, who writes such wonderful poems! I admire you...

Dr. James Wilson said...

Now you made me blush, Jules!

Anyway - thank you very much for those kind words! I really appreciate them.

Julia Brooklyn said...

Well it's true. They are wonderful.

I'll try to use my blog again in the next time, as soon as it works - I can't sign in...