Friday, October 19, 2007

Please excuse ...

I know that I owe you the second part of the "28 minutes later!" - and you will get it ... promised!

I am a tiny bit busy at the moment BUT if things turn out good this weekend I might find some time to write it all down.

Brief overview: Busy, busy and busy again ... Greg is busy as well and we both just see each other in some short coffee break at the clinic and well - at home ;)
You might guess that there are other things to do then ... - talking about the day and so on.

We even have no time to do the laundry at the moment ... nor the normal housework - so we have a house aid at the mo' - her name is ... guessed right: Consuela!

I really don't know why they have such names - it is like "James" for a butler ... I can really be lucky that I did not became one though.

Back to work now - stay tuned!

Yours James

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