Thursday, October 04, 2007

28 minutes later ... new colleague

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Today I have a bit more time and so I will write about the new colleague we have in the oncology department. (as you can see - I already started to write that entry a few days ago)

Regarding the fact that Gregory already told you about how he greeted the new colleague - let me just tell what we did.
With WE I meant the oncology dep. - or should I say ... I (with the help of Greg, Foreman, Chase & Cameron)

The idea of the prank started some days after Greg made his "welcome prank" that slightly worried myself a bit, as I know about how he stands to Who-must-not-be-named.

We had one of our social evenings together with Foreman and Chase (social = spending time together), i.e. watching movies and drinking some beer - and we already had a tiny bit over the eight when we started to watch 28 weeks later.

Those knowing about the movie - know how normal persons become zombies and how the infection is spread, etc. ... good! Imagine 4 doctors sitting there and discussing about how likely it is that such a virus is spread.
We came to the result that some diseases could have such symptoms and it really could be the case ... - enough scared?!

After our discussion I went into the kitchen to fetch some more beer and a few seconds later I found myself in a pitch black apartment ... just hearing rummaging and then - silence.

"Fine" I thought, "Now it is scary time ..."
Rolling my eyes to where the ceiling is - I silently moved away from my former position, slipped out of my shoes and did hide in the corner - no second to late as I could see a shadow Quasimodo-ing into the kitchen, arms searchingly stretched out and suddenly grunting a bit.

Funny sight if you ask me ...
"You won't get me that way", I thought and tiptoed to the person (obviously Chase, according to the shadowly figure) - next thing I did was making exactly those scary weird noises when the become a zombie and I did twitch and shrug like them as well.
Chase's scream was priceless and swooosh - light was on again revealing Greg and Foreman peeking around the corner.

Chase did jump on the table and looked more than just freaked out.
I grunted and shrugged my way to Greg and Foreman who were already laughing there asses off.
"Gosh, Jim! You are so great in being a zombie!" Greg said between wiping the tears of laughter away.
I cleared my throat, fondled my hair and looked very innocent.
"Pardon?" I asked back in my best trial of British.
"You" he said and nudged my chest while grinning his most devilish smile "you really should bring that to perfection!"
"Should I?"
"Yeah, Wilson - you should" Foreman snorted and even Chase did grin and nod now.

"Hmmmm... seems as if I would have no other opportunity than doing so." I replied with a smile and grunted zombie-like again.

"By the way ... isn't the T.A. overdue with his welcome prank?" Chase now asked from behind and let his feet dangle from the table.
"Uh ... well, now as you mention it." I answered and rubbed my neck.

Greg scratched his chin, Foreman gnawed on his lower lip and Chase ... had found something to chew on (an apple).
"I ..."
"You will need some assistance" Gregory mumbled and his eyes had that special little devilish sparkle in them ...
"Will I?" I asked back and looked around - three heads were nodding.

And so the planning did start ...

7 days
... a great amount of theater blood
... red fun contacts
... disposable clothes
... Cameron in the "team"

October, 1st

... ... To be continued


Jojo said...

Oh, I can't WAIT to see that!!

Shannon said...

hmm, sounds like my work place, haha