Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sweetest smile

(Artist: Black)

I still owe you the story about the new doctor in my department and about how I cut myself with a knife - so ... I will try not to mix things.

Cutting myself really does not fill a whole entry - althought the length of the entries is up to me - hehe.

Fine ... I took a knife, tried to slice something and then I cut myself... story over!

HA! Okay, okay - you probably want to know what I wanted to slice and this and that. Hmm, didn't you sometimes ask yourself when watching a movie why the heck they made it that complicated?!

Lord of the Rings - what an exquisite example for that. THREE parts ... story-filling ... etc. - and at the end, Frodo and Sam lying on a rock surrounded by a lava stream and being picked up by giant eagles.

Why the heck couldn't they have asked the eagles at the very beginning to bring them there - drop that damn ring into the stream and ... THE END
Not that I don't like that movie ... I bow before the persons having realized that enormous project - but - I just cannot avoid asking such things ;)

It would have been soooooooooooooooo easy! However, it is so that we see the best ending or the easier way at the end of the way with obstacles ... perhaps I should see it like that (and not to forget that the movie would have just lasted 30 minutes or so ;) ... for some movies this would be more than great sometimes!

Okay - back to the main story as we were not having a discussing about movies. I have that with Greg so many times.
It was in fact on DVD movie evening when I got my cut ...

Let's start at the beginning.

"Jim? Jimmy? Huuuuunyyyyyy?" It sounded from the kitchen on the Saturday of September, 8th.
I looked up from putting the laundry into the machine and raised one eyebrow.
"What now?" I thought as his voice and the way he called me did imply that

a.) anything happened - I would probably not find too good
b.) anything happened and it was his fault
c.) anything will happen (see a)
d.) anything will happen (see a + b)
e.) he was hungry and want something to eat (see a - d)
f.) he needs new Vicodin (as he is clear at the moment - we can drop that!)

"You address me, right?" I so shouted back into the kitchen.
"I only know one Jim and Hun' being here ..." Greg's voice came from the door.
I turned my head and looked at him.

Fine - at least no blood was to be seen and he did not look that guilty.
"Point here!" I answered and straightened up after I chose the right program.
"So what?" he replied and played with the phone in his hands.
"I ask you that as you did call me like: Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuny"

Greg smirked slightly and nodded.
"Ehm ... right!" He avoided my eyes for a second and looked back at me then (oh oh - he was guilty!)
"You know that ... ehm ... well, we planned to have a cozy weekend - right?" Greg began and put one hand in his jeans pocket.
"Mhm ..."
"Well, ehm ... a friend just called me - and ..."

I frowned and looked a bit surprised.
"A friend? What friend? I ... I mean - you do not have many friends around here, do you? I mean - the one I know is currently leaning against the washing machine." I replied and patted the called one.
Now it was Gregory frowning and snorting at me.
"Funny! I do have friends beside you, Jaaaames!"

"Oh stop pouting!" I replied and approched him.
"Tell me now ... who called you?"
"Chase called me" Greg said silently now and cleared his throat then.

"Chase? You call Chase a friend ... I mean - well ... you work together. You are his boss and to what I know you are not the nicest one" I said with a wink and squeezed me past him to go into the kitchen.
"Haha!" I came back from behind and I heard him following me into the kitchen.

There I stood and stared on the mess he left (he wanted to cook).
"Greg, this is not the truth - tell me that this bomb attack will be removed, right?!!"
From the corner of my eyes I did see him looking around briefly and then looking at me.
"Sure it will be removed!"
"Do not look at me like that ... YOU will clean this mess!" I replied and grabbed me some hot coffee.
"So, why did Chase call and what did he want? I thought they have their free weekend as well?!"

Greg poured himself some coffee as well and we both took seat in the kitchen.
"True! He called me to say that he is unsure if Foreman might be able to come back to work on Monday as he got a flue!"
"Oh ..."
He nodded and sipped his coffee.
"And? That was it? Therefore we had to talk?"
Greg looked over the rim of his coffee cup and our eyes met.

A sigh slipped out of my mouth.
"Sure not. So what could it be ... hmmm, let me guess!"
"Go!" he replied with a grin and leaned back.

"Okay - Foreman is ill ..." I took a sip of my coffee as well and started to think what Greg wanted to do now.
After some seconds I looked back at Greg and grinned.
"Easy? Tell!"

"It is their free weekend, it is Saturday ... they will have rent some movies yesterday and perhaps watched one or two. Means - there are two more to watch. Second: Foreman is ill and Chase called you - means you would want to go there and check if he is really that ill. Third: He probably told you what movies are left to watch and there was one amongst you wanted to see always but I did not want to. Am I right or am I right?"

Gregory looked impressed and smiled a bit.
"Geez, James - that was amazing! You could be a diagnostician, your brain seems to work! Woohoo ..."
A little snort escape and I put the mug down on the table.
"Easy I've said ..."
"Damn ... it was too obvious, hm?"
"Yeah and I know you too good I suppose" I answered and shrugged.

Gregory did still smile and it was his turn now to shrug.
"Sooo?" he asked me with the same melody I did ask him before.
"So what?" I grinned back.
"Sooo - will we go there?"
I looked around and then back at him.
"When you will have cleaned the kitchen - I might allow you to go there."
"Ooooooh ...thanks Mom!" Greg said while clapping his hands with excitement.

He dialed a number and just said, "We will be there at 8 o'clock and I hope there is something else than just tea in the house!"
Gregory did not wait for the reply and just hang up again.
"You are always sooo polite, Greg!" I grinned and stood up to place the mug in the dish washer.

I heard Gregory's chair being pushed back when I bent down to open the door but I did not look up until I felt a prominent bodypart poking me lightly.
"GREG!" I gasped, turned my head, placed the mug inside while looking at him and next thing I said was a loud: "OUCH ... damn FUCK!"

"I did intend that last thing ... right!" Greg said and then grabbed my hand to look at him.
There was long and bit deeper cut at the inside of my right hand and it was bleeding like hell (or what does look like that when you are suprised).
"What have you done?" Greg muttered while trying to stop the bleeding with a towel.
"I? You poked me and I did not look where I placed that fucking mug!"
He looked past me into the dish washer and nodded.
"I see the one who tried to kill you ..."
I turned my head as well and a sharp cutting knife was winking at me and I tell you that it did grin devilishly!
"The monster knife ..." I moaned when Greg pressed a bit too hard.

"Right ... and now - shall I stitch it or do you want to go to the clinic and let it done there?"
I did not think a minute and smiled weakly.
"Clinic please ... I don't want to look like a ragdoll!"
"Fine ..." Greg answered while helping me up. "But I am not Dr. Frankenstein, my stitches look good!"
"I bet they do!" I assured him on the way to the car.

Some minutes later we arrived at the PPTH and another 30 minutes later we were on our way back again.
He really did clean the kitchen and ... much more that afternoon and so we went to visit Chase and Foreman in the evening - accompanied by a "get well" present (my idea) and some weird B-movie (Greg's idea).

The evening was ... hmmm - interesting and perhaps Greg or Foreman will write about that evening.

By the way - I told you at the beginning that I took a knife, tried to slice something and got cut ... so?! Right! Never trust what is being told before you know the whole story ;) ... all the tension would have been non-existent if I really would have told you the truth.


Jojo said...

LOL!! The LotR thing made me laugh so hard!!!! That was so brilliant. I AGREE!!! WTF EAGLESSSS????1

I'm sorry you cut your hand. :( Feel better.

Dr. James Wilson said...

As I did cut myself some days ago it is almost gone now!
Thanks for the wishes :)

Jojo said...

Aww, that's good!!
You're welcome!!