Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A saturday evening and a stroll

Life during the last few weeks wasn’t that boring for me as you might have thought it was. As I already told you – I had no computer at home (if we don’t count Greg’s) and therefore the evenings were filled with TV, dinner, talks, laughs and some strolls.
Gregory wanted me to join him for a jog by and then – but as I had to work double clinic hours most of the time and really had a lot to do at work – I felt more or like exhausted when coming home late at night.
So it was no wonder that Gregory often found himself alone until 9 or 10 p.m.
In order to balance out the time we had not – we used the time we had more intensively.
It was last Saturday when Greg looked up from Calvin & Hobbes while I was trying to get familiar with my new notebook.

“Jim …”
“Hm?” I asked him and looked up from the manual.
“How long do you want to brood over that handbook?” Greg asked and took a sip from the coffee I had made a while ago.
“I dunno”, I said with a sigh and put the manual away. “Somehow I don’t have a clue how I can get into the Internet …”
Gregory raised an eyebrow and smiled slightly. “You know that you are way too cute sometimes, hm?”
“Pardon?” I asked him with a smile.
“Do you do that on purpose or don’t you know how to do it?”

“I … … I … … Huh? What do you mean?” I asked him and rubbed my neck.
Greg shook his head and stood up. “What about having a walk and I will later take care of it?” He said while approaching me.

“A walk…?” I said and the rest was mumbled into a purr as Gregory started to fondle and kiss my neckline.
“Mhmmmm … a walk!” Greg muttered into my ear before he started nibbling at it.
My eyes closed automatically and enjoyed the touch of his soft lips upon my skin. The kissing continued a bit and my hands found their way to his hair, while he drew me closer and searched my lips with his mouth.
I felt a shiver running over my body when he touched my lips with his tongue tip. Pleasant anticipation made me moan and shift on my chair.
“Sooooo?” I heard him whispering softly and his fingers were caressing my throat tenderly.
“So what?” I whispered back and had no clue what he did mean.
“So what about the walk now?” Greg replied and the little smile I heard in his voice made me open my eyes finally.

Gregory’ s shining blue eyes were examining me carefully and I could not resist raising an eyebrow and pouting a bit.
“Oh… that walk! I nearly forgot now … Can’t we … … I mean …”
My fingers played their way up to his shaved (!) chin and I gave him a Greg-like puppy look.
A soft and deep “Hm?” and a little devilish smile was all I got.
I moved the chair backwards and pulled Greg on my lap then. “You know exactly what I mean!” I whispered and started to unbutton his shirt.
“I might … I might …” Greg answered but was not willing to give in. He leaned back a bit and still looked into my eyes.

A sigh slipped out of my mouth and I raised my eyes towards the ceiling …
“Okay, I got that … You want to go out and on a walk – you have already something in your mind, right?”
“Right!” Greg answered, fondled my hair and stood up then.

Another sigh filled the room – and again it was mine. I closed my notebook and stood up as well to follow Greg into the bedroom where he did go to change into street clothes – as we still had been in our “home clothes”.
I opened the door and found me staring on a more than alluring scene …
“I … I … thought we go on a walk?” I finally managed to say (more than just a bit hoarsely) while still eyeballing the scene in front of me.
Gregory lying on the bed in his birthday suit – arms and legs spread open and the only light were two candles on the nightstand. The light of the candles painted soft patterns on his skin and my body reaction was more than clear.

“Stop thinking and come here …” Greg moaned with closed eyes.
That was a thing he did not have to repeat twice and so I closed the door silently and slipped out of my clothes more than hastily while approaching the bed.

My eyes met the red rose I did buy two days ago together with some Chinese food for dinner. I grabbed it tenderly and crawled beside Greg then.
Gregory did not open his eyes and did not move … slowly I took the rose and started to caress his skin with its velvet-like bud.
A deep moan slipped out of Greg’s mouth and his eyes popped open.

“Shhhh …” I whispered as I was unable to speak – my throat felt dried out and my heart did beat like it would want to run a marathon.

Greg moaned again when the rose bud tenderly stroke over his side. He opened his mouth and I felt my lower parts wanting and pleading for more.
The rose soon found the way to the floor and my lips the way to his mouth … and the walk was soon forgotten for quite a while.

One hour or so later, Greg turned around lazily and gave me his brightest smile.
“Back to the topic now … what about a walk?”
I stretched lightly and nodded.
“Yeah, why not – looks like it would be a nice evening to go for a stroll? Already some place in your mind?”
“Hmmm … I thought about the golf course!” Greg replied and crawled to the edge of the bed.
“The golf course?” I answered and straightened up. “Isn’t it forbidden to have a walk there?”
Gregory’s smile became even broader and now there was a hint of a devilish grin in it.


… ... …

“Well, I just heard that it is very nice there and in the night it must be silent and … no one around – five miles away from the center of Plainsboro …”

Greg gave me a side glance and waggled one eyebrow.
“Oh …” I said and the realization dawned what he wanted to tell me between the lines …
“Mhmmm…” was his reply and with a grin it was me now crawling out of the bed and jumping into jeans, t-shirt and sneakers.

Greg said nothing but he checked what I did choose to wear and nodded then as if I had passed a test without knowing it.
It was in the car to the golf course when I asked him why he did nod before.

“I just noticed you did choose clothes you can get easily in and out …” he replied while looking on the street.

“Right … right …” I just answered with a grin.

What happened now on the golf course is just a thing of your imagination … it was a … nice walk there – very very silent …

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