Friday, September 14, 2007

Greg's first day at work

I am going back in time again - not that nothing would happen at the moment but to be up-to-date I just have to explain a few things ... otherwise you would be sitting there and staring on the screen like: flawh?

As I've already told you Gregory started working on the 1st September. He wanted to start the day as usual and so I went to work without him as he now goes for a run every morning.
Greg arrived at the PPTH in his jogging clothes and disturbed me and Cuddy while we were just talking about what new case might be good for Greg to start.

We discussed about the wheelchair guy the hospital just got in and Cuddy mentioned that Greg might love that.

I flipped through a file and answered, "He'll be bored. It's a great visual but it's diagnostically boring. What about post-hair transplant aphasia guy?"
Cuddy briefly looked at me and replied, "Infection throwing clots, House will shoot it down and call you an idiot."

Well ... nobody wants to be called an idiot, or?

Cuddy suggested the "yoga girl" and I thought about just that when Gregory came into the office still wearing his jogging clothes and being a bit out of breath.

Our boss looked at him with an open mouth as she didn't know that he was running now every day.
Eight miles from home to the clinic - good way for his training.
Why I stared at him ... well this had another reason - but perhaps I do like it when his chest goes up and down like it did.

I don't want you to bore with our conversation then ... it was just exchanging "pleasantries" and a bit of chit-chat.
Greg thought all the cases - except the post-hair transplant aphasia guy - were worth to be new cases of the diagnostic department.

I didn't see Greg until the evening when I met him on the balcony of the second floor (although we did talk via phone twice). Gregory was leaning on the balcony overlooking the lobby and watching people walk in and out when I found him.

He looked as if in thoughts and first I thought of not disturbing his thoughts ... but it would not be me if I would have done so - hm ...
We talked about the cases and before I could ask him when we will be leaving and going home, Cameron disturbed us and some seconds later it was me standing on the balcony and watching the people walking in and out.

Greg had to go back to another case before we finally managed to leave the hospital at about 10 p.m.
Due to the late time we decided that cooking was cancelled and so we just bought us some pizza on our way back.

The rest of the evening we did not talk about the job but enjoyed the late nite dinner, the glass of wine, the voice of Amy Winehouse and some cuddling on the sofa and later in bed before we finally did fall asleep at around 1 a.m.

Well ... it was not THAT interesting but I wanted to tell you about Greg's first day at work and now I did it.

I am not sure when I will be able to post again as I have to work the weekend ... yeah, you read right - weekend shift for both of us, Greg is very happy about it!


Dr. Gregory House said...

Oh yes, very happy!
Overflowing with bliss and joy!

Jojo said...

Heehee, "post-hair transplant aphasia guy"...DOESN'T SOUND FAMILIAR AT ALL. ;)

Well that's goo that Greg was happy.

Dr. James Wilson said...

He was soooo happy that even Voldemort would look like a school kid compared to him!