Thursday, September 13, 2007

A bathing episode

I am currently sitting in front of my computer (oh wonder!) and sipping my early morning coffee.
You might probably have asked yourself why I stopped writing although I did say that I am back again ...
Well - some things happened here and due to those happenings I was a bit more busy than I thought I would be.

Greg started working (on the 1st September) ... a new doctor started working (I will tell later) and I had a little accident with a knife.

One after the other though ...

First let me tell you about Gregory's last night before having to work again - after eight weeks of being home.

We were sitting in our living room and I was listening to Greg singing to Nickelback - "If everyone cared" ... while sipping at some red barrique wine and just enjoying the evening.

The light was dimmed and the sitting room was only illuminated by a few candles ... the music filled the room and I lazily stretched out my legs on the sofa.

Greg looked up from his guitar with sparkling eyes and gave me one of those rarely to be seen "I do love you more than you would guess" looks.
My heart suddenly stopped beating for a second - as it always does when he looks at me like that - and a similar smile must have appeared on my face, as Greg stood up from his chair and approached me.

"You are looking way too good when you lay there like that, Jimmy" he moaned silently and kneeled before the sofa.
"Do I?" I silently moaned back and turned to my side to be able to look him in the eyes.
Our glances met and when you ever loved someone you might know what it feels like when you feel drawn to the other and sink deeper and deeper and deeper 'till you have the feeling your reached the bottom of his soul.

Despite any other meaning - Greg's soul is wonderful ... sensitive and tender - he is my little angel - although sometimes an angel disguised as a grumpy misanthrope.

I am getting lost in telling you how wonderful he can be.

Sooo ... well we were there in the living room, staring into the other eyes and simply getting lost in each other when a sound brought us back to real life. That disgusting and annoying sound was the sound of the phone ringing.

"Let it ring!" Greg muttered and slowly bent forward.
"What if it is an emergency?" I whispered and my look was focused on the soft lips coming closer and closer.
Greg started to fumble at the buttons of my shirt and placed little kisses on the skin revealed.
My eyes closed automatically and offered him the soft flesh of my throat. The ringing sound of the phone stopped in the very moment Gregory's lips touched my skin and a deep moan slipped out of my mouth.

The shiver of anticipation ran over my skin and the feeling of lust and longing filled my mind when his touches became more eagerly and demanding.

"Jim" he whispered hoarsely into my ear and my body reacted to the whisper brushing over my skin like a whiff of wind.
"Hmmmmmm?" I moaned back and shifted on the sofa.

"Shall we go into the bath?" Greg asked with a hushed voice.
I opened my eyes and found me looking in them. The blue blinked back and I could see the longing in the sparkling. The longing that nearly made me rip off his shirt at once ...
I swallowed hard down and just nodded slowly.
"Bath ... yeah..." I heard me answering with a croak.
Before Greg went into the bathroom he gave me a kiss that left me lying on the sofa for a few more minutes and feeling completely dizzy and dragged away.

When I came back to where he left me (and of course where I have officially been) - I looked around and blinked twice. The gurgling sound of the water filling the tube finally managed to wake me up. I sat upright and shook my head.
"Wooohoooo" I murmured and noticed that I was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

A rummaging coming out of the kitchen made me look towards that direction and I did see Greg opening a cupboard.
"Are you searching something particular?" I asked him and stood up.
"No! This shall be a surprise! And please don't go into the bathroom before I ask you to come in!"

"Want me to go outside or may I go into the bedroom and change into my bathrobe?"
"You may do whatever you want, Jim - but - don't come into the bathroom!" Greg shouted over his shoulder.
I shrugged, grabbed the glas of barrique and went on the balcony to watch the starlit sky.

I might have stood there for five minutes just enjoying the night, the atmosphere and the great California wine when I heard Gregory calling me from inside.
The rest of the wine was sipped down before I opened the door to the living room and went inside again.
"Change into your bathrobe before you come in!" Greg's voice came out of the bath.
"Okaaaaaay!" I yelled back and made my way to the kitchen to place the empty glass into the sink before I headed for the bedroom to change as wished.

Two minutes - a changing and a check into the mirror - later, I slowly opened the door to the bathroom.
"May I?" I whispered into the dim lit room.
"Sure" he silently replied and so I stepped in - and stopped two steps later - looking around with wide open eyes.

"Gawd, Greg!" I sighed and checked the room once anew.
The room was only lit by candles - maaaaaaany candles ... no - a bunch of candles! The air was filled with the scent of sandalwood incense sticks and some atmospheric music I really can't remember what it was ... but in that moment it does not matter - and it doesn't matter now - because what did count was the whole ...the complete picture of it that would have melted even the darkest heart of steel.
The light ... the air ... the music ... and the best - Gregory as God has made him ... waiting for me in the bathtub!
"You like it?" he asked me and looked soooo cute I could have just grabbed him and cuddled him to suffocation.
"I do ..." I croaked and then cleared my throat to repeat it with more emphasis.
Gregory smiled broadly and pointed into the water. "Come here, hun' - enough space for two!"

I did not want him to have it repeated twice - so I opened my bathrobe and let it glide over my shoulders while looking him in the eyes.
Greg's pupils widened when I approached him and a short whistle followed a second later.

I could not avoid the grin that wanted to come on my face nor the little move with my hips to tease him a little.
We both grinned broadly and I waggled with my eyebrows.
"I see you did not fill it to the rim!?"
"Mhmmm...!" Greg answered and reached out to grab my waist.
"Guess why?" he said and pulled me closer ...

A second later my head dropped back and I perfectly knew why the tub wasn't filled completely.
Nonetheless we had to clean the floor afterwards ... but that afterwards was quite a while later - not to say ... some hours later!

"Holy moly, Jim!" Greg moaned and rubbed over his face with his head tilted back.
"Uhu" I moaned and stared through the mist up towards the ceiling.
"I think we should leave the water now" he replied with a weak voice.
"Uhm ... yah ... we probably should ... it is cold" I answered with a similar voice but did not move an inch.
My head rolled over my left shoulder 'till I could look at him.
"You first ..." I gestured slowly.
"You ..." Greg moaned and nodded towards the door.

My glance followed his nod and then I looked back at him.
"No" I sighed and let my head drop back again.
"Hmmm... damn ... why not?"
"Easy ... I think if I would try now I might faint or fall to the ground as I am feeling weak like a baby!" I replied with a big sigh.
A twin sigh followed and Greg's answer made me grin slightly.
"See, Jim ... I know exactly what you mean - so ... we should stay here until morn', huh?"

We both thought about that suggestion for a while but obviously didn't find it acceptable as we both tried to stand up simultaneously.
"You first - bunnybum!" Greg gestured me with a brief nod and let himself sink back into the clammy water.
"Okay ... okay" I moaned and carefully stepped out and on the lightly wet floor. "We have to mop up later!"

"Everything what you want, dear - just gimme a few moments to recover, 'kay?" Gregory muttered and looked at me with a "Geez-I-feel-dizzy!" expression.
"Sure!" I said while wrapping me in the warm and cozy bathrobe.

Gregory now stepped out of the tub and I grabbed him firmly when he nearly slipped out on the wet ground.
"Damn!" he growled and pulled me closer. "You are impossible man! What are you doing with me, hm?"
"I ... I ..." and before I could stammer what he did mean - I noticed by the reaction of his body and the kiss he gave me.

Amazing how quick you can be in the bedroom and cuddling underneath the blankets if you just want it!

I must say that this very last evening of being at home was ... hmmm ... inspiring, uplifting, cozy, romantic and full of love! The cleaning we had to do in the late or early morning hours really was worth all of it!


Dr. Gregory House said...

Mmmmmh.....I remember that evening as if it was yesterday.... Soooooo cozy, wonderful and filled
Cuddling underneath the blankets? Well, what about doing that NOW?

Dr. James Wilson said...

Now ... Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!

I am game!