Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday...part II

The key turned in the lock and I opened the door.
"Are you at home?" I asked before and immediately cursed inside.
"Shit ..." I thought and threw the bag in the corner.

"Was that YOUR voice I heard?" Gregs familiar voice sounded from the living room.
I just snorted and went into the kitchen to pour me a coffee.
Greg looked at me from the couch.
"I would not drink that ... it still is from the morning."
"I bet one can drink it" I replied and took a sip.

"One can but not you or me..." Greg answered and I now knew why - but stubborn as I were I downed the nearly cold coffee and said that it is still good.
Gregory just shrugged and looked at me questioningly.

I played with the mug in my hand and gnawed on my lower lip a bit.
What now ... what now ...
"So ... we talk now?" Greg asked and leaned back into the cushions.
"Seems so ..." I said silently and looked at him.

He shrugged and threw the Calvin & Hobbes on the TV table.
The anger was rising again inside of me and I grabbed the mug a bit harder.
"I bought a new car ..." I said silently and watched his reaction.
"You ...what?" Gregory replied and looked at me with an open mouth.
"I bought a new car as you did ruin mine!"

"Damn it, James! I did not ruin your car! I told you that I knew you could handle it and it was just a JOKE!"
"Hah! Your jokes are not always funny, Gregory!" I exclaimed and tried not to raise my voice.
"Fine ... fine" he muttered "Anyway it was a lousy and boring old wrack!"
"Pardon? I loved my car ..."
"Just because you fucked Bonnie on the backseat the first time, I suppose!" Gregory grunted back.

I thought I did not hear right and nearly dropped the mug.
"What did you say?" I asked him silently and narrowed my eyes.
Gregory said nothing and looked at me with his typical "blockhead" expression.
"I can't believe what you said now, Greg! And if so ... that is not your business!"
"HAH! Now it is not my business, hm?" he barked back.
"Right ... and if I would have taken all the nurses of the PPTH there, it would not be your businees!"
Gregory opened and closed his mouth now and stood up then.

"FINE!" he said, squeezed past me and grabbed his jacket.
"Now you are running away again? Hm? Always the same you cannot face a discussion ..."
"I am NOT running away ... damn I told you it was not meant that way."
The anger gnawed at me and I looked down on the mug I was holding. Greg's mug ...the mug he had since his childhood ...
I don't know what devil did bite me but I opened my hand and let it drop down to the wooden floor where it smashed into pieces.
Gregory stepped back and looked at the shardes of his beloved mug.
"You did that on PURPOSE!" he yelled at me and pointed at the remnants.
I shrugged, "It was an accident! Sorry, I did not mean it!"

"God, I loved that mug ... I had it since my childhood! It is from England!"
"You only loved it because you have used it for other contents I suppose ..."
... ... ...
Gregory narrowed his eyes and I saw that I overdid it.
"What do you want to say with that?" he asked me silently.
"I ..."
"Sod it, you asshole! You wanted to imply that I used it for WHAT?"
"I don't know for what you might have used it ... but who knows, perhaps when you couldn't get a professional ...!" I barked back and shrugged then.
"You ... you ..." he said with a shaking index finger and pointed at me.

I knew it that it was too much but ... I was unable to swallow it down. All the anger and all the cold showers I had to take - all was too much at that moment.
"Wanna deny now that you called some, huh? Aw, c'mon don't play the choirboy now!"
Gregory stepped back with a clenched fist and through gritted teeth he pressed, "Fuck YOU!" before he turned and rushed out the appartment.

... to be continued

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