Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday... part I

Tuesday started as rotten as Monday ended!

First I awoke with Gregory's hand slipped into my pj trousers ... not that it would be that bad to wake up like that. Normally that would have meant a very very pleasant morning - but under those circumstances it meant a silent inward cursing and a very careful withdrawing, just to stand up and rush under the cold shower again.

Gregory slept in this morning and I did not wake him up as there was no reason for it. With my high-spirited mood I approached my car and looked at it.
"All because of you!" I muttered while opening the door and getting into it.
I started the engine and like the car would now want to pout as well - there was no noise. I tried it several times and had no success.
"Nice! NICE!" I cursed and hit the steering wheel.
Several curses later I dialed the number of the garage and asked to pick my car up as it did not start anymore.
They promised me to be around in half an hour ...

"Half an hour" I thought and decided to go back in and have another coffee.
Greg was still sleeping and did not wake up - so I let him sleep as it still was early morning.
To my surprise the breakdown van was there 25 minutes after I had called.
The mechanic checked the car and shook his head afterwards.
"I am sorry, Dr. Wilson, but I have to take it with me to the garage!"
I nodded, "Yes, I already thought so!"
"I did see that you pimped your car a bit ..." he said silently with a wink.
My face got red and I rubbed my neck while looking inside the car.
"Ehm ... well ... that was a joke amongst friends!" I replied and shrugged then.

"A joke? Well, that joke might have ruined your car though. It is not ... hmm ... supposed to race that old little vehicle here", he answered and patted my little darling softly.
"Yes, I fear you are right" I said with a deep sigh and handed him the car keys.
He took it with a nod. "We will call you within the day, Dr. Wilson!"
I thanked him and walked to the crossing then to hail a taxi.

Another twenty minutes later I stepped into my office.
The red light on my phone was blinking and I could not avoid a sigh slipping out of my mouth.
I first placed my leather bag in the sideboard and went to Greg's white board office to pour me a cup of coffee.
Foreman was brooding over a file and Chase bit on his pencil, like nearly always when he has nothing to eat around.
Both looked up when I entered the room with a "Good morning!"
"Hey Wilson! No coffee in the oncologists department?" Foreman asked with a smirk.
"I did not check it. I thought why not looking what house's gang is doing ..." I replied, grabbed me a red mug and poured some coffee.
"You might find it interesting that we really can work without House!" Chase mumbled while sucking at his pencil.
The mug in my hand I turned around and looked at both.
"Yeah, I am sure you can. Something to do?"
Foreman showed me the content of the file and I nodded.
"Well, this looks like a big problem, Foreman!" I said with a earnest voice.
"Thought so, too. Any ideas?"
"Let me see ..." I checked the content again and pointed with my tea spoon at it.
"Paris!" I said and nodded.
"Are you sure?" Foreman asked and raised an eyebrow.

"The city of love with five letters ... yes, that is Paris!" I replied and threw the spoon into the sink.
"Oh, well! Thanks ..." Foreman said and scribbled it into the crossword puzzle.
On my way out I turned again and looked around, "By the way - where is Cameron?"
"She is in the lab and doing some tests." Chase mumbled while still biting on his pencil.
I couldn't avoid grinning a bit and waved them a good-bye then.

Not nice ... but she surely wanted to make the tests on her own. At least they had a job and were not just hanging around ... ... ... or?
I shrugged the thought off and proceeded to my office.
In thoughts and with the mug in my hand I opened the door and was greeted by a female voice, "Dr. Wilson?"

A woman and according to her dress code - a doctor - was approaching me in the hallway. I waited for her at my door and gave her a smile.
Now I recognized her. She was a gynecologist and working here at the PPTH as well.
"Do you have a minute for me, Dr. Wilson?" She asked with a smile.
"Sure I do have ... come in."
With those words I held the door open for her and she passed me with a little cloud of rose perfume.

I closed the door behind her and then took seat behind my desk.
"Have a seat, please" I said and pointed at the visitors chair.
"How can I help you?"
She first looked down on her hands and then up into my eyes.
"I ... I ... I would like to talk with you about ... ehm ... something", she stammered and I promptly knew about what she wanted to talk with me.
"Go ahead" I said warmly and gave her an encouraging look.
"Oh ... no ... not now. I ..." she checked her watch "I don't have time now ... what about this evening? Outside the PPTH?"

Patients coming to me and fearing that they might have cancer are always very very nervous and it costs a lot of patience and time to talk with them ... but doctors having this problem are even worse as most of them hate going to consultation hours, so it was not unusual for me that colleagues preferred "off-time appointments".

"This evening?" I asked back and thought about Gregory being alone at home ... I hesitated but then I thought about how we did spend the last evenings and nodded at her.
"Why not ... I have no plans for tonight!" I said with a smile. "Any suggestions?"
She suggested a nice restaurant down at the river where she got married a few years ago. We small talked a bit about her marriage and she relaxed while telling me about her husband and her little daugther.
15 minutes later we said good-bye and I promised to give her a text message on her beeper, if a table for two was still available.

Another ten minutes and a call at the restaurant later, I beeped her an OK.
So I would spend the evening outwards ... I had mixed feelings about it and I really was unsure how Greg would react when he was confronted with the fact that I would not be at home in the evening.
My thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the phone.
The display showed me that it was an external call, I cleared my throat and answered the phone.
"Oncologist department, Dr. Wilson?!
"Dr. Wilson this is Larry from the Carson garage ..." I was greeted by a loud voice.
"Hello ..."
"Yah, Dr. Wilson ... we are sorry but the engine of your car is a total loss."

A sigh slipped out of my mouth when I combed through my hair.
"Damn!" I thought and thumbed my fingers on the desk.
"Are you sure?" I replied with a bit of hope sign in my voice.
"We are awfully sorry, sir. But - yes - it is not repairable."
Now my damn was spoken aloud and I leaned back in my chair and looked up at the ceiling.
"We have some nice new cars here, you could come by if you want and we will give you a big discount, Dr. Wilson!"
"I need a new car anyway" I said with a low voice and felt like having lost a long friend.

My car ... my square and boring car - like Greg used to call it ... well, it might have been boring but I loved it anyway.
We agreed that I would fetch my things out of the car and come by later.

Tuesday really seemed to be that rotten like Monday.

I finished my ward round, called Cuddy and explained her that I had to leave early. Of course she wanted to know why and I just told her that my car was a total loss and I had to buy a new one.
She did let me go earlier - and so I walked out of the PPTH two hours later after I had met a few patients of mine.

The next hour I spent with searching a new car and finally found one - a silver Volvo S80 caught my eye and in a few weeks I can call it mine though. Until then I am driving a rental car - a VW Golf R32.

I drove slowly home and tried to make myself familiar with the new car. The R32 is a big difference to my old car and not only because of the higher PS ... it is just ... well, different. I parked the car in front of the house, locked it and stepped up the stairs to our appartment.

... to be continued!

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