Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Monday - rotten to the core

Monday started rotten - Monday ended rotten ...

The fact that Greg and I did no longer talk to each other made my already superb mood not even better. Sunday was a disaster as we walked around here like zombies - no touch, no kind word ... no nothing! What a difference to the weeks before ... sure we had not more than hugging and cuddling and a smooch from time to time - but at least we had lovely hours with talking, walking, laughing and just enjoying each others - but now ... there was nothing but silence!

It took me a while in the night to fall asleep and I stared out of the window into the night until my eyes started to hurt and I had to close them.

Monday morning started with the ugly and horrible noise of my alarm clock ...
With a moan I turned around to switch the alarm off and with another moan I turned back into my former position ... softness awaited me and I slowly opened one eye.

There he was, laying in my arms and his lips so close it would have been easy to kiss him - to forgive him and to let my heart rule over the stubborness ...
Silently and without waking him up I crawled back a bit and then stood up with a little silent sigh.
"How lovely" I thought when I looked down at him.
Gregory did lay there one hand underneath his pillow, one leg on my side and his lips relaxed, ready for a tender kiss.

The heat crawled up my spine and with an inward mutter I made my way to the bathroom to take another cold shower.
The cold water woke me up instantly and after a few seconds of shivering I cooled down again and turned the water to warm. Another few minutes later I stepped out of the shower and wrapped me in my bathrobe.

Next step lead me into the kitchen where I prepared some coffee and placed a plate and cereals on the table when I heard some steps behind me.
I slowly turned around and already wanted to greet my sleepy head with a little mocking when I remembered the self-imposed silence.
I squeezed past him and for a tiny bit of a second I had the feeling he wanted to pull me closer ... but it was just a feeling and nothing happened.

After I got dressed and had my hair dried I walked back into the kitchen to have my breakfast and coffee.
Gregory was already sitting at the table and sipping his coffee slowly.
My heart slopped over and again I wanted to break the silence - but I didn't do it. Instead of talking to him I scribbled down a post-it note to remind him of his appointment with Dr. Featherstonhaugh.
Greg's reaction was a snort and the act of drowning his cereals in vanilla milk. I really could not blame his reaction and I felt silly and childish ... I opened my mouth to say something and looked at him - he looked so stubborn and grumpy that I closed my mouth again and drew my attention to my coffee instead.

After that lovely breakfast I packed my bag and fetched my keys -off I was to the PPTH. My car really did not like me - but is it a wonder after what my old little Volvo had to suffer on Saturday? No, it is not!

The anger came back and so I arrived at the PPTH with a more than "perfect" mood. My mood even got better when I walked into my office and was greeted by an overflowing desk full of paperwork.

I smashed the bag on the sofa and let me sink on my chair.
"Fuck" I muttered and stared on all the files and letters.
Pity that Dr. Danby chose that very moment to knock and enter my office.

I looked up at him and greeted him with the words: "What the heck is that? Have you forgotten to do the paperwork or is that a special kind of "Welcome back"?!"
Danby's jaw dropped down and he stared at me.
"I ... I ... I thought you might do it on your own, Dr. Wilson!"
"Think is not your strength, is it?" I barked back and pointed at the paperwork.
"I ... I am sorry, Dr. Wilson" he stammered and decided then to leave the office.

There I sat ... my desk flooded with paperwork and - a ringing phone.
"Who the heck" I muttered and checked the display.
Cuddy ... fine!
"Wilson" I barked into the the handset.
"Lovely to have you back, Wilson. At least one doctor who is always willing to do clinic duty!" She greeted me with an alluring voice.
A sigh slipped out of my mouth and I rubbed my temples. It was always a bad sign when she started to use that voice.

That voice normally means a lot of work and ... well - it meant a lot of work.
She saddled me with extra hours of clinic duty as - according to her own words - There was a lack of personell due to illness, vacation and cronical unwillingness ...
FINE - and the nice Dr. Wilson was there again ...

I hung up the phone and burried my face in the hands.
"What a start" I murmured and thought about the sunny walks at Point Pleasant - not a great idea as it made me even more grumpier.

I missed him ... I missed it like hell not being able to talk to him, not being able to hold him and not being able to ... well ... to made his mind clear again with some special actions.
"Damn it" I sighed and started to work off the bumf.

After my ward round together with Dr. Danby who avoided any provocating questions for his own health I suppose I spent the rest of Monday morning over the paperwork and just stopped to fetch me some coffee by and then.

My superb afternoon was crowned with meeting Dr. Fornara (or TenaciousM) during the clinic duty.
"Ciao, dottore Wilson!" I heard his slimy voice behind me when I was about to enter room no. 4.
I slowly turned around and eyeballed him.
"Hello, Dr. Fornara!" I greeted him coldly. He looked like a gigolo again and the urge to smash his sunnyboy face against the wall really became big.

"How is Dr. House? Is he fine? When will he come back?"
Wow ... three questions at once - and try to imagine him standing there like a little school girl and smiling at me like silly and dumb idiot!
I raised an eyebrow and replied with a brief nod, "He is recovering!"
Before he could ask me more I opened the door and entered the room.

"Jerk" I spoke silently to myself and looked up then.
The patient - a young man looked at me with popped open eyes.
"What?" he asked and looked like being able to rip my kidneys out with his little finger.
"I did not mean you!" I answered and grabbed his file then.

"How can I help you?" I asked him after I couldn't find any entry of interest.
He stood there and blushed lightly now.
"I have ... pain!" he stammered and did not look very comfortable.
"Pain ...aha ... and where do you have pain?" I replied slowly. "Jerk would have fit as well" I thought and eyeballed him.

"Ehm ..." he said and clenched his right hand to a fist.
"Okay ... okay!" I nodded slowly and really had to control myself not to put a devilish smile upon my face.
Such a behavior was normal for very embarrassing things.
"Do you want me to look at or do you first want me to explain what it is" I asked him and leaned against the desk.
"What is what?" he replied and gnawed on his meaty lower lip.
"The object ..." I said and pointed at his buttocks.

He swallowed down hard and started to stammer a little nice story.
According to him the object had been a coke plastic bottle ... and it had already been removed - but now it was all sore and did hurt and everything.

Unfortunately I had to look at "it" and well - believe me that hairy body part was another Monday highlight!
I scribbled down a prescription against his pain and rummaged in the shelf for a lube.
With a smile I place the lube in his big hand.
"Next time, use that and tell your lover he should be more tender!"
To my luck he was too perplex to answer and so I shoved a deeply blushed human meatball out of the room.

"Gregory would love that story!" I thought and looked forward with a grin to tell him about this idiot. The grin slowly faded when I remembered that I couldn't tell him that - as we did not speak to each other.

The afternoon continued and soon the quitting time arrived.
I opened the door to the appartement with a lumb in my throat, placed the bag in the corner and stepped towards the bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes.
Gregory was sitting on the couch and looked up when I passed the room.

I so wanted to tell him about the day and what all happened ... I wanted to drag him into my arms, kiss him and say "Sorry" - but I just nodded at him silently and another evening of silence started.

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