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If everyone cared ...

what Mr. Gregory House wants ... he'd be out of the hospital after a few days and walking around with his bullet wounds.
Not that he nearly died and suffered an enormous blood loss ... no way "Mr. I know everything better" ...
As you might see - I am slightly ...tiny tiny tiny bit ... annoyed! He really managed it to stand up several times ... due to extreme boredom as he told Cuddy, Cameron, Foreman, Chase, several nurses (who he also insulted several times ...) and of course - me.
His statements and explanations fell on deaf ears (at least mine) and he was NOT allowed to leave the PPTH earlier. After he collapsed two times in the hallway while being on his little "I have to see if they do their job" rounds, I rushed into his room.
"Gregory House, you are the world's most stubborn man! Can't you just stay in your bed like a normal patient is supposed to be?" I yelled at him and walked to and fro before his bed.
Gregory just looked at me and supped his milkshake.
"Can't you just stop that?!" I muttured and rubbed my neck.
He did so and kept watching me without saying a word.
I rested my hands on the bed foot and looked him in the eyes.
"Okay ... you wanna play a game? What kind of game is it this time, huh? How to annoy the people who care ...?" My head dropped down and I gave him a short glance.
"Oh I forgot ... that would be too boring, hm? As you do that nearly all the time!"

"Jim ..." he started and took another sip.
"Yes?" I answered and straightened up again.
"I wanna go home ... is that so hard to understand?" Gregory then said and gave me his typical puppy-eye look.
I raised my hands towards the ceiling and let them drop again ...
"Heck yes!" I replied angrily.

Gregory first looked blank and then grinned.
"You sounded like Napoleon Dynamite now. But you would make a better Pedro ... with all you hair" and he waved at me.
My jaw dropped slightly down and I found myself shaking my hair in disbelief.

"Greg ... I ... you ..." I started, still shaking my head and combing through my hair, "you have to stay here for at least another couple of days. As you as a DOCTOR surely know. You would probably handcuff your patient in that case..."

"Sod it!" he now growled. "You want me to stay here with all the idiots around? Those ... nurses who don't know the difference between an acuse and a needle" he said aloud and watched a nurse passing by his room.
I followed her steps with my eyes and shook my head then.
"You stop eyeballing her!" he silently muttered now and gave me a hard look.
"What?" I replied with a surely more than dumbfounded expression upon my face.
He gestured into the hallway where the nurse had been a few seconds ago.
"I am not blind! You followed her with your eyes ..." he griped.

"Are you going insane now or what?" I asked him with an I can't believe that now - look.
"NoooOoooo, I am not. Not yet - but if you will keep me here I might." Greg mumbled and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

I approached him and bent over him a bit, "See, that would be my problem to cope with as you are my husband and I care for you ... if you want that or not!" I muttered through gritted teeth.
Gregory leaned back even more and looked me in the eyes.

"So you would care?"he asked me with a soft and warm voice.
"Oh no" I thought and straightened up again.
"Ehm... sure I would..." I said and gave him a questioning look.
"I would be so honored if you would care, Jim ... and who could give you the best care than a loving husband and one of the best doctors I know?!"
Greg smiled at me and blinked.

A sigh slipped out of my mouth and I rested my hands upon my hips. "Greg, I can't play your nurse. I have to work and ..."

"And what? I thought you would care? I nearly died and ..." he said and now looked slightly upset again.

"I know that ... you don't have to rub it into my face!" I replied grumpily and started pacing the room.

"Of course I could care for him and at home he would not stand up and walk around that much. We could as well drive to Point Pleasant and I could take care for him there. There is more space and even a guest room ... a guest room ... " all these thoughts raced around in my head while I paced the room.

"I will talk about that with Cuddy" I finally said, gave him a side glance and left the room still thinking.

"I LOVE YOU!" Gregory shouted after me and I blushed lightly as a visitor looked at me with widened eyes.

"I brought him a sandwich!" I muttered with a smile and pointed back to the room.
The man just looked at me and then nodded slowly ...

"So what" I thought and made my way back to my office.

An idea was running through my head now and with a grin I opened my office door. I switched on the computer and surfed through the net to make special arrangements. Some half an hour later and completely exhausted I leaned back in my chair with a smile.

"Now I only have to convince Cuddy" I silently said to myself and pressed the quick dialing.

"Wilson, good you are calling. I have to talk to you anyway!" she said and I could feel that she was close to loosing her nerves.
"Shall I come up?" I asked her and drew some figures on a paper.
"Please!" she said with a sigh and hang up.

I took the steps up to her office and made a note in my head while walking "In need for workout!"
A short while later I knocked at her door and was waved in.

"Take a seat, Wilson! We have to talk about House." She greeted me and pointed at a chair.
I shrugged and took seat "I thought he can't get sued while lying in the hospital ..."

She approached me and took another seat then. "It is not that" she sighed and gave me a deep and pleading look.
"Wilson, please get him out of here!" Cuddy muttered and wrang her hands.
"Pardon?" I asked her and leaned back. "Perfect!" I thought and hid a broad grin.

"I ask you to take him out of the hospital and ... I dunno" she gestured in mid-air "get him a nurse, take off for some weeks and care for him ... just get him out of here!" Cuddy said helplessly.
"Why?" I asked back and loosened my tie.

"No nurse wants to take care for him anymore and don't ask about the doctors ... they are all so upset and I need them, you know!"
I nodded and frowned.

"Well, I could of course take him out of here and perhaps bring him to Point Pleasant. But who will care for him. I mean ... I am needed here and ..."
"I will give you ... one week off - paid!" she said and nodded.

"One week? One week is not enough ... he needs more time to recover until he can start the rehab." I answered absorbed in thought and gnawing on my lower lip.

"Okay ... okay ... two when you get him out of here before the weekend!" Cuddy sighed and grabbed my hand.
"Please, Wilson ... he will make me turn grey otherwise."

I squeezed her hand for a second, "Okay, but as I have to arrange a few things before I can get him out ... it will be Friday at the latest".

"I think we can do with a few more days, as long as it wont be longer!" Cuddy no smiled lightly and looked relieved.
"It won't be" I smiled at her and stood up.

"Good! Get you hours off now and start arranging what you need" she said and took place at her desk again.
"Even better" I thought and went back to my room to pack my bag.
I decided not to go to Gregory and tell him that he will be out on Friday, but grabbed my jacket and my keys to drive home.
There I started to pack his clothes, shoes and what else he would need and brought them all to the car.
His things were accompanied by mine and two hours later I dialed the number of a flower shop.

Another few minutes later I hang up with a grin and whistled a tune.
The man promised me to deliver the flowers within the next hour and so Greg would receive a bunch of red roses with the message "Hospitalbreak arranged for Friday! I can't make it before! Be ready for collection at 1 p.m. on Fri. 6th July! xxx James"

Next day was the 4th of July and as I would have to arrange a few more things for a real "care station" at PP, I decided to drive there - stay there until Friday and arrange all things on-site.
... to be continued

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