Saturday, July 07, 2007

I spent most of Wednesday with cleaning the flat and just went out for a short walk in the evening hours to watch the fireworks down the beach.
The beach was crowded with couples and families and I just sat down in the sand, thought of Gregory and watched the lights illuminating the dark sky.

My cell suddenly went off when I sat there and I pulled it out.
"Greg" I thought and with a beating heart I answered.
"Hey!" I spoke louder and my finger painted figures in the sand.

"Hey! Where the heck are you?!" Gregory said.
"I am down the beach in Point Pleasant ..." I said and watched a firework errupting as hearts.
"You are WHERE?!" I heard him shouting into the phone.
"Point Pleasant ..." I answered with a grin and stood up.
"You ... you dare have fun without me?" he now asked silently and I hurried up to the street where it was more silent.
"Who said that I have fun?" I answered him and placed a hand in my pocket.
"Are you alone?" Greg asked back and with a grin I kicked a stone over the street and decided to walk back to the cottage.
"Yep, completely lost and lonely I am!"

"Where are you now? The noise is gone ..."
"Walking back home and enjoying your lovely voice." I said with a grin.
There was silence for a second and then I heard a sigh.
"Are you okay, darling?" I asked Greg and could imagine him lying in the bed and staring on the hallway.
"I miss you" he whispered into the handset and made me smile broadly.

"I miss you as well, my love" I said with a normal voice and another lonely passer-by grinned at me.
I grinned back and he shouted a "Happy 4th July to your loved one!"
"What was that?" Greg asked immediately.
"Did you hear him?" I said and waved with a nod at the walker.
"Sure I did, I am not deaf!" he replied grumpily.
"Aw, I miss you my little Mr. Jealous!" I said then and heard him replying with another deep sigh.

I walked silently and must just have grinned like a fool holding his cell ...
"Point Pleasant then?" Gregory asked me after a few seconds of silence.
"Mhm ..." I answered and pulled the keys out.
"Great! But why Friday, huh? I wanna get outta here!" Greg said and I know he did pout a little while doing so.
"Because I have to arrange a few things my dear ..." I answered and opened the door.

"Like what?" he asked.
"Like baking you a cake or so" I said with a Mexican accent and grinned my ass off.
"Oooooooooooh, flippin' sweet!" Greg replied with a deep giggle.
We both laughed a bit and then just talked some little nonsense I don't have to state here. Few minutes later I hang up and sighed.

Although he can be a menace from time to time ... I love him deeply ...and I really missed him like hell. The shock after the message that he was wounded and nearly could have died - was still deep inside of me and I don't know what I would have done ... if ... well - if the worst thing would have happened.

I went to bed rather early and filled the 5th of July with buying food, pharmaceutical stuff and all needed for caring bullet wounds and possible infections.
The house was made perfect for a wounded patient and in the evening hours I let myself sink of the sofa with a deep sigh.
"Just closing the eyes for a few minutes" I thought ... and woke up in the early morning hours of Friday, 6th of July.

"Damn" I muttered and sat upright. My neck did hurt like hell and my back felt like hot stones.
I stumbled into the bathroom and decided a hot bath could help. The next hour I spent relaxing my hurting muscles in the hot water and making me "human-like" again.
After a short breakfast I jumped into the car and drove back to Plainsboro.

The ride back is not worth mentioning as the roads were nearly empty and so I arrived there earlier than thought.
As there was still time left I first drove to our apartment and checked if there were some messages or mail for us. There were a few letters - but none of importance, so I just put them in the bag, watered the few plants again and then drove to the hospital.
At about 12 a.m. I arrived there and closed the car when I heard a voice behind me.
"You have my vote, Mr. Wilson!"
I just turned around and frowned. A nurse was opening her car and smiling at me.
"Vote?" I thought and decided just to smile and nod.
She waved,started the engine and drove away.

"Weird" I said to myself and made my way to the entrance.

A smiling Susan (another nurse) greeted me at the entrance desk.
"Dr. Wilson - be sure that we will all vote for you!" She said with a broad smile and handed me the list to sign in.
"I don't know what you are talking about, Susan" I said and placed my signature on the list.
"I mean all the flyers and signs ..." she said with a smile and pointed behind me.
I looked at her questioningly, raised an eyebrow and turned my head ... and saw that:

"I will kill him!" I thought but turned with a lightly blushed face and a hint of a smile.
I nodded at her "Oh that... yes ...right!"
"What for are you candidating anyway, Dr. Wilson? We did not know that there were elections coming up."
"Oh ... ehmmm... still a secret then." I said with a wink and turned towards the elevators.
"G'sus!" I thought again while waiting for the elevator.
In the elevator I was greeted friendly by many clinic staff. How many of those posters etc., did he make?
I should find out soon ... the doors opened to the floor where Gregory lay and I was greeted by several posters along the hallway.
Foreman came down the hall with a broad grin when he saw me.
"Wilson!" he said and waved at me.
"Foreman ..." I nodded and pointed at those posters. "What ...?"
"Oh well ...they are here since yesterday and everyone was asking what elections are meant." Eric grinned and nudged my shoulder lightly then.
"I think the "world-best husband", hm?" he said silently with a giggle.
I snorted and rubbed my neck.
"He is unbelievable ..." I said and shook my head.
"He is damn happy to leave - and believe me ... we all are!" Foreman answered and patted my shoulder.
"Therefore you really have deserved a voting! And even Cuddy thought so ..." he said and I could see that he was close laughing his ass off.
I just swallowed down a statement, shrugged and looked at him.
"I think I will get the patient out of here - before he is sent to the 6th floor!"
Foreman laughed out and nodded.
"Yeah, do so! He is on tenterhooks and nearly everyone is going out of his way."
I nodded back and waved a bye.
The way to Greg's room was kind of ... funny ... or should I better say: embarassing?!!
Gregory was reading a comic when I knocked at his door.
"Are you angry?" he asked without looking away from the pages.
"Should I?" I replied and leaned against the door frame.
He now looked up and eyeballed me.
"You are looking damn good, maaaan!" he whispered and I felt my stomach twitching.
"You are looking like a menace that needs to get outta here!" I replied and approached him.
My eyes checked his appearance and after I shortly checked the surroundings I bent down to kiss him tenderly.
A moan slipped out of Greg's mouth and he pulled me closer.
"Get me out of here now ... I am in the mood to do something else than just sitting here and reading stupid comics" he said with a deeper voice and threw the comic aside.
I looked him deep in the eyes and nodded then.
"Your wish is a command, sir" I said and stepped back to help him out.
Greg pushed back the cover and grinned at me when my jaw dropped down on the sight of the shirt he was wearing.
"You TEASE!" I muttered through gritted teeth and grabbed the wheel chair that was already waiting for him.
"I love you as well" he said and glided into the wheel chair.
"I could walk you know..." he said and winked at me.
"I know ...and you will walk soon - and even run perhaps after the rehab." I answered and fondled his hair.
"Yah" he swallowed and looked on his knee then.
I bent over him and placed a kiss on his temple.
"Ready, Napoleon?" I whispered into his ear.
"Ready, Pedro!" he beamed at me ...
Our way out of the ward was accompanied with applause and very relieved faces.
"You have your fans here I suppose" I said to Greg while waiting for the elevator.
"Yeah, sure. They all love me that much!" he answered and nodded.
Cuddy waited for us down in the entrance hall and said bye to Gregory.
He looked somehow touched when she embraced him good-bye and wished him a good recovery.
Of course he denied it when I asked him on the way to the car.
The drive to Point Pleasant was very silent as Gregory fell asleep shortly after we left the parking lot ... so much to: I am completely recovered by now!
He is now lying in bed and happy that I even thought about buying a table for his laptop - and I am happy to have him around again ... I really missed him like hell, my little menace ...


Dr. Gregory House said...

Yes, he is happy!
But not just because of that table - mostly because of YOU, my love.
I can't tell you how much I love and missed you, Jimmy.

Erm....and sorry for those...posters...

Ally said...

It's good to see that you are both happy and with lots of time to spend just the two of you and far from hospitals !
Enjoy..... ;)