Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Horror ...

I promised you to tell you my version of what happened last Tuesday ... I had some time now and so I wrote it all down. Here we go:

The Tuesday afternoon we spent cuddling on the sofa and I enjoyed the warmth of Gregory's body next to mine. We talked about various things while we just lay there and held each other closely. No one would ever believe me when I would say that Greg can really be a tender and caring person - if he is in the mood to and when we are alone.

A few hours later after we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon on the sofa, I suggested to percolate some fresh coffee. Sure Greg found that a very good idea and so I wanted to do so, but coffee was empty ... what a disaster - no coffee in the house is really a horror scenario.
Greg offered to go to the shop around the corner and buy some new one.
"Fine, then I can make it comfortable here" I thought and told him to bring something for dinner as well.

Gregory grabbed his jacket and off he was.
I looked around in the kitchen and decided to do the dishes in the meantime. Lucky me that there were just the remaining of our short and quick breakfast from the morning.
"We could really buy a dish washer" I murmured when I put the last mug into the wall-cupboard.
A short look on the clock showed me that 10 minutes were over and so I would have some more 10 to 20 minutes till he'd be back.

I walked into the living room and cleaned the mess we left there. The clothes were directly thrown into the washing machine and while in the bathroom I checked my appearence.
"Gosh! How do I look like?!" I grinned and stared at my dearranged hair.
"Like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite" I muttered and tried to do something with the mess on my head. Cuddling is nice but the hair looks like a mess sometimes afterwards.
The mess did not vanish completely although I tried it and finally I gave up with a laughter.
"Well, ... vote for Pedro" I said with that typically monotone voice and giggled inside then.

"Greg would have laughed his ass off when he would have heard me." I said to myself with a grin and waved my appearence in the mirror aside.
"Apropos" I thought and checked my watch. 20 minutes now ... I slightly frowned and went back into the living room.
My thoughts went back to the afternoon and with a love-dazed smile I began to lighten (lit) some candles and opened a bottle of wine for us.
With a whistle upon my lips I searched some cuddly music and my attention was drawn to the soundtrack of Maurice.
"Oh, that'd be nice" I said silently and put the CD in the hifi.

Some more minutes were passed and I just thought that he probably did not know what he wanted to have for dinner and surely stood in front of the shelves wondering in what kind of mood he might be.
I shrugged the slightly worried feeling off and took seat on the sofa.
The living room was filled with the sound of music and I just leaned back and enjoyed the atmosphere.
Suddenly I felt slightly sick and my stomach twitched like hell.
"GOD!" I moaned and sat upright.
As fast as this cramp came it was gone as well.
I sat there and wondered what that was when I felt a warmth on my back.
"Huh?" I thought and turned around, because I had the feeling of Gregory being in the room.

Surely noone was there but I stood up and looked around.
"Greg?" I asked silently and went to the front door.
I don't know why, but I had the feeling of him being here.
Gregory of course was not here - not even close to be there ... but I did not know that at that moment and so I opened the door and peeped outside.
"Hmmm..." I sighed and looked around. No person to be seen ...
I shrugged and closed the door just in the moment when the phone went off.

"Where?" I thought and listened from what room the ringing came.
"Living room" I said and hurried into the said one. The phone was lying on the piano.
A quick look on the display showed me that it was the PPTH calling.
"Heck no ..." I moaned and picked up the phone.
"Wilson" I said and waited for Cameron, Foreman or Chase voice telling me that Gregory has to come to the hospital as an urgent case arrived ... but what I heard made me loose all the facial color and I had to sit down.
"When?" I asked silently ...
"Condition?" ....
I nodded and like in trance I stood up, slipped into my shoes, grabbed my jacket, purse and keys.
"I am there in five minutes!" I said out of breath, hang up and threw the phone aside.

I don't know how I managed to drive without causing an accident or how I even arrived at the PPTH. I really cannot recall that ...
My rememberance begins again when I entered the PPTH.
Cuddy was waiting in the entrance hall and looked really shocked.
"Where is he?" I said and rushed to her.
"He is in the operating theatre, Wilson" she said silently.
I nodded and we walked towards there in a hurry.
"Tell me about his condition. What happened? How grave is it?"
She slowed me down a bit and took my arm.
"HECK, Cuddy! How grave is it?!" I barked at her and looked her in the eyes.

Her eyes were filled with tears a bit and she looked very earnest.
"First shot was in the abdominal sector. As far as I can tell now, he was very lucky and no vital organs were damaged."
"First shot?" I said silently and swallowed down a big lump in my throat.
Cuddy nodded and wrang her hands.
"Second shot hit his neck and the bullet went right through and grazed his carotid", she said and touched my shoulder.
My knees suddenly felt like jelly and I had to lean against the wall for a second.
"Oh my god, oh my god" I heard someone muttering and I just became aware that it was my voice, when Cuddy embraced me for a second.
"He will be fine, Wilson. They are doing a good job and you know it!" she spoke silently and looked me in the eyes then.
"Wilson, he will be okay again!"
I just nodded like in a dream and combed through my hair.

"I want to watch it" I whispered and turned towards the balcony area.
"Wilson ..." I just heard Cuddy shouting after me. I really did not care if she thought that would be wise or not, I wanted to see him and I wanted to see if he really was still amongst us.
When I opened the door to the balconies I was greeted by three pairs of eyes looking at me.
Cameron, Chase and Foreman were sitting there and watching the operation as well.
Cameron looked like a mess and according to the reddish eyes she had, she must have cried a bit.
Foreman was watching carefully and Chase stood behind Cameron and amassed her shoulders a bit but was also looking down into the OR.
"Wilson" Cameron whispered and stood up.
"Oh, Wilson ... I am so sorry" she said silently and approached me.

I just nodded and ignored her then - not because I wanted to be rude - just because my attention was drawn to the body lying down on the operation table, covered with a bloody drape.
My steps led me to the big window screen and I looked down.
"How ..." I started and was interrupted by Foreman's silent voice.
"He lost a lot of blood and they had to use the defibrillator on their way to the hospital. However, he was stable when they arrived here."
I swallowed hard and leaned my forehead against the cold glass.
Cameron's voice came from behind, "He even was awake for a second and muttered that they should set him on Ketamine - then he passed out again."
"They are doing there best and no vital organs were damaged. He was lucky somehow ..." Chase muttered next to me.
I gave him a short side glance and nodded.
"Lucky ..." I whispered and closed my eyes for a second.
His smiling face appeared before my inner eye and he waved at me ..."See you soon, honey" he smiled and closed the door to buy the coffee ...
"Oh, Greg" I moaned and opened my eyes again.

Greg was completely covered by the drape and no smile was to be seen on his face now.
We all stood there and watched the operation going on. Cuddy joined us after a while and informed me about the facts.
He was stable and he had been really lucky ... really no vital functions were damaged and the blood loss was balanced again.
I don't know how many hours I spent there and watched but when he was brought out the OR, I already was a bit calmer when they carried him to the ICU.

There I stayed for the next few hours and was relieved by Foreman, Chase and later Cameron when I was sent home to sleep.
I surely did not sleep but went home to change my clothes and to have a shower in the early morning hours.
The appartment looked deserted and cold without Greg so I hurried that I did not have to spend much time there - alone ... brooding over what happened lately. One hour later I was back at the PPTH and sitting by his side again ... another few hours later Gregory moaned and shifted in his bed.
My heart stopped beating for a second and my head shot up from the book I tried to read.
I leaned over him when his eyes fluttered - and a few seconds later he opened them.
"Oh my love ..." I whispered and looked him in the eyes.

"You look awful" he whispered hoarsely and tried to grin.
"Yeah ..." I answered silently and fondled his hair carefully. "But not as awful as you ..."
Greg closed his eyes again and a moan slipped out of his mouth.
"Wh ...what happened? I know I was shot in the stomach ..." he said slowly and licked his lips.
I sat on his bed and held his hand.
"This idiot shot you in the stomach, yeah. No vital organs were damaged." I told him and caressed his hand with my thumb.
"Lucky me" he moaned silently and swallowed a bit.
"Throat hurts ..." he sighed and opened his eyes again.

"Yes, second shot hit your throat and your carotid as well as your external jugular were grazed but the bullet went right through. No vertebraes were damaged ..." I said silently and we exchange looks.
"... Okay ..." he said and squeezed my hand a bit.
"How long ..." Greg asked and gave me a questioning look.
"You passed out for a few minutes and they had to bring you back with the defibrillator ..." I whispered.
He closed his eyes again and slightly brushed over my hand with a finger.
"Sleep now, Greg. I won't go away" I said and placed a kiss on his forehead.
"You were here all the time?" he asked and looked at me again.
I smiled a bit and nodded.
"Most of it, yeah. Cuddy just threw me out to go home sleeping ..."
Greg snorted and rolled his eyes a bit.
"Well, I just changed and came back then ..."
A smile appeared on his face and with a sigh he closed his eyes again.

"You really must love me then ..." he whispered and fell asleep.
"I do ... I do" I whispered back and held his hand for the next hour while I watched him in his sleep.


Amy Weaving said...

hey there! just wanted to stop buy and say helllooooooo to one of my Favorite Doctors.....^_^
cya lator,

Ally said...

Oh I love your side of the story too ! Can't wait to read more !!!
Have a great weekend !
Alice xxx