Friday, June 29, 2007

Poetry: I want ...

I have to warn you that it might not be for underaged persons ...

I want to feel your hands on my skin,
I want to feel you - delving in.

I want to scream out thy name,
I want to touch your body - I want to burn that flame.

I want to clutch the linen, clutch thy skin,
I want to whisper and scream in sin.

I want your body close to mine,
I want to whisper hoarsely: You are mine!

I want to feel the pulsating lust,
I want to moan: In you I trust.

Give me your hands upon my skin,
Make us become one - and delve deep in.

Let me scream out thy name,
Ignite the fire and light the flame.

Give me a reason to clutch your skin,
Let me whisper your name and lets do some sin.

Move your body next to mine,
Hear me whispering: You are mine!

Tease me with your pulsating lust,
I'll grab your shoulders and moan: In you I trust.

(c) J.E. Wilson

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