Friday, June 22, 2007

Poetry: At the bank

I have written this poem for a writer's contest on DeviantArt - topic was friendship in any relation ... so this is what I made:

My mind floats away,
away to the place I wanna stay.

Stay by your side,
where I always wanted to be.

I don't know how it came
that our friendship got washed away ...

Washed away like the loose mud
at the river bank.

The bank we used to paly in our youth ...
The bank where we lost the truth.

Can you tell me my friend,
can you tell me - why oh why ...

Why does my soul hurt so true?
Why do I feel sick and blue?

You walked away,
walked away as you didn't want to stay.

Stay by my side,
where you always wanted to be.

I don't know how it came ...
I don't know who to blame ...

But I know one thing for sure,
I miss you, my friend ... with every passing by minute ... more and mor'

Let me take you by thy hand ...
Let me take you to where I stand ...

Come my friend to where I am ...
grab this chance and take my han'.

Here I am at the bank ... at the bank
longing homesick for your arms ... for your hand.
(c) J.E. Wilson


Ally said...

I love this poem... haven't read everything of yours on dA but I shall find this one and make it a favorite... it's very touching.
Thanks for sharing !

Dr. James Wilson said...

Thank you so much, ally!

I am glad you like it.