Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Breaking the rules

As there is lately not much to tell about all-days life here (not that much happens as you might guess) - I am writing something down what came to my mind when I found some old photos showing me and Gregory at the beginning of our Plainsboro time.

I was just cleaning my office when some photos fell out of a book "History of surgery" - I picked them up and a smile brightened up my face when I figured out what they were showing.

Greg and me on a BBQ, Greg and me watching a lacrosse game, Greg waving (apparently at me), Greg and Stacey together with Susan holding glasses of champagne etc.

Yes we shared some very very nice moments. The last picture I looked at made me sink down in the visitors chair and I must have stared on it for a few moments.

This was me laying in grass - completely naked and apparently sleeping ... for sure it was not me who made that picture.

I turned it around and found a very familiar handwriting stating "Breaking the rules - August 1999".

August 1999 ... my memories spinned and turned as I tried to remember what happened in August 1999 and why Greg has written "Breaking the rules" on the back of this picture.

"August ... August" I mumbled and played with the photo in my hands.
"Must have been on a fishing trip I suppose ..."
Some minutes later I had figured out that this lake must have been the Echo Lake in British Columbia and then I remembered what rules where meant ...

"Heck NO!" I muttered and grabbed the phone.
A few seconds later I heard Gregory's voice sighing in the handset "Love slave".
I kept silent for a few seconds until I heard Greg clearing his throat - then I said "You are lucky it was me".
"Gosh! Jim, I really wondered now if I misread the number on the display!"
My little laughter was answer enough I suppose as he muttered "What can I do for you though!?"

I looked at the picture again and shook my head.
"Greg, can you remember August 1999 our fishing trip to Echo Lake?"
No sound ...
"Why?" he asked a bit too hesitantly.
"Because I found something very interesting. Could you please come over into my office for a while?"
"Now?" he asked and I heard him rummaging.
"Yes now and dont tell me you have an urgent case ..."
"In fact ..."
"Now ... please" I said and hang up.

Five minutes later Gregory was stading in the doorframe, looking at me slightly pissed off.
"Jim, I don't have time... Hurry!"
"You don't tell me that you have an urgent case ... or?!" I said and raised an eyebrow.
"In fact I DO!" he snapped back and stumped his cane on the ground.
"Well ... if it is so - GO!" I answered and waved him away.
His jaw dropped slightly and with a grunt he entered the room.
"What now?" I asked him and gave him a side glance.
"Aw, shut up and show me that picture..."

I frowned and handed him the picture.
"By the way ... I did not mention a pic on the phone"
"Sure you did" he said silently while looking at the photograph.
"No, I did not!" I replied and poured me a cup of coffee.

"Make two" Greg grunted from behind.
"I thought ..."
"Don't think ... pour"
I grabbed a second mug and poured another coffee.
"Here, sweet like you are" I said and handed him the coffee with a hint.

"Hmmmm" he said and sat down.
Still the two cups in my hand I walked behind my desk and placed his cup before him.
Gregory was still staring on the picture and I watched him while leaning back in my chair.
Quite a bit later he looked up and put the pic on the desk.
"I remember ..." he spoke silently and grabbed his mug.
I watched him closely while I was drinking my coffee and waited for him to continue.

However, he did not want to carry on so I asked him after a few moments ...
"And? What happened? Why am I naked and why the heck did you write something on my back?"
Gregory remained silent and sipped some coffee.
"Greeeg!" I muttered a bit and thumbed my fingers on the desk.
"I beg you pardon?" he answered as if he would not know what I wanted.
A deep sigh slipped out of my mouth.
"Couldn't you just tell me?"

"Hmmmm... I could ..." Greg said and played with his mug.
He turned the mug in his hands - on and on and on ... but remained silent again.
"Gregory ..."
"Why is it so important?" he asked me then and gave me a side glance.
"Because I can't remember when this picture was made nor what happened!"
I now was hacked off a bit and really wanted him to open his mouth and tell me what the heck happened.

Greg sighed and stood up.
"See - I can tell you at home, okay? Now I really have to go back at work."
"Fine, fine" I raised my hands and gave up.
"Good" he nodded and left my office.

So there I was - still unknowing why this pic was made and what happened.

At home ... okay ... at home!
I managed to spend the next few hours with cleaning my office, doing my paper work and making the normal ward round without thinking too much about the fishing trip.
Gregory picked me up at about 6 pm in my office and we drove home - without speaking about the picture or the trip or anything else related to that matter.
We just spoke about his case and how annoying patients can be (he did so - as you easily can imagine).
A short drive later we reached the apartment - and I am proud I did not ask him about the happenings until dinner was ready.

Gregory munched his steak with a contented smile and I tried not to look at him too often.
After a deep sip of wine he sighed and looked at me.
"Okay ... okay ... you won! Stop staring at me like that, this is unbearable!" he muttered and looked me in the eyes.
I looked back with my most innocent look and shrugged.
"What? I just checked if you are enjoying your dinner..."
"Sure ..." he moaned and played with his wine glass.

"First I will tell you what rules were made, okay?"
I nodded and leaned back in the kitchen chair.
"Fine then ... " he said and cleared his voice.
"Rule 1: No drinking into oblivion"
A snort slipped out of my mouth and I raised an eyebrow.
"What? Don't look at me like that - this was not my idea - that rule ..."
"We must have been drunk!" I returned.
"You were crocked!" Greg said and grinned broadly.

I rubbed my neck and then nodded.
"Okay ... carry on"
"Thanks, Master!" Gregory said and took another sip of wine.
"Rule 2: No drunk hugging"
"Geez ..."
"Rule 3: Don't interrupt the one telling you what happened!" he grunted and stared at me.
I made an excusing gesture and then showed him to continue.
Greg nodded and carried on.
"Okay - Rule 3: No pinching the ass. Rule 4: No tickling and nudging. Rule 5: No sleeping under the same blanket ..."
He snorted a bit and sipped anew.
Greg gestured me to bite my tongue and carried on.
"Rule 6: sleeping at least 1 foot away from each other. Rule 7: No running around naked for longer than it takes to dress."

Now it was me playing with my glass and then taking a deep sip.
I really wondered what the dickens happened!
Greg cleared his voice anew and looked at me. "Are you still listening, Jimmy?"
"Sure" I nodded.
"Good - had the imagination you were somewhere else."
"No! I was just thinking a bit about the rules ... please, carry on!"

He gave me a nod.
"Rule 8" he sighed and downed his wine "not staring into each others eyes"
"Now that is weird!" I interrupted him.
"Well, why not staring into each others eyes? Hm? Is there something wrong with it? And by the way..."
Gregory thumbed his fingers on the table and I bit my tongue instantly.
"Good ..." he said after a few seconds "Rule 9 - and believe me I will explain everything to you ..."
I nodded again.
"No taking the other by the hand ..." he snorted.
I could not avoid shaking my head a bit and thought that we both must have been totally drunk!
"Rule 10 and the last one: No cuddling before going to sleep!"

"Heck!" I muttered and downed my wine now.
Greg grinned and nodded.
"Right you are - very silly and dumb rules, right?"
"You can bet your ass!" I returned and poured us some red wine.
"Well ... we were a bit ... drunk" Gregory replied and corrected himself then.
"You were shot in the neck and I was slightly tipsy though!"
"Aha ..."
"Mhmmm..." he said and winked at me.

I stood up and removed the plates and put them in the sink.
"So ..." I said then and turned towards him. "What happened then?"
Gregory shrugged and raised the hand holding the wine glass.
"We broke the rules", he said as if by accident and watched me while drinking.
"We broke the rules ..." I answered silently and gave him a questioning look.
"And that means?"
His face was enlighted by a little devilish smile ...

"I could show you" he said silently and put the glass aside.
"Do so" I returned with a shrug and leaned against the sink.
Gregory eyeballed me and shook his head slightly.
"First - undress and then lay down!"
I gulped and gave him a surprised look.
"I beg you pardon?"
He pointed towards the bedroom.
"Undress! Lay down and then I will show you"
"If that is just a way to getting me laid can have that easier" I answered.

"We can drop it as well, you know. I remember it - so ..." Greg snapped back and looked at me with an "I dont care" expression on his face.
I walked towards the bedroom and sighed.
"You won! I am too curious ..."

Greg followed me and watched me undressing ...
"This is a bit embarassing, you know that?" I asked him while removing my socks.
"Why? I did see you more than once - naked!" he replied and twirled his cane around while leaning against the doorframe.
I sighed and fell back on the mattress.
Gregory came closer and looked at me.
"Ready for a surprise?" he asked with a softer voice now.
My stomach twitched a bit and I didn't look away when he started to undress slowly.

He really does not know how good-looking he is, I thought and crossed my arms behind my neck.
Gregory smiled slightly and crawled next to me on the bed.
"We broke the rules - because we looked each other deep in the eyes", he murmured and bent over me.
"But ..." I started and did fall silent then, because the blue of his eyes drew me closer and closer and I got totally lost in the depth of his soul.

Greg came closer and closer and with the touch of his tongue tip upon my lips the memory came back.

I found myself laying in the warm grass, surrounded by singing birds and a soft breeze tickling my body.
We laughed so madly when Greg wrote those rules upon my naked back.
"That tickles, Greg!" I laughed and squirmed a bit.
"Damn fuck" he muttered. "I just broke a rule then" and gave me a soft spank on my bum.
"EY!" I exclaimed and turned around still laughing.

Our eyes met and we both became silent at once.
Gregory was still kneeling above me.
His hands moved towards my cheeks as if in hypnosis ... when I felt his touch on my skin I closed my eyes for a second and forgot the marriage problems that bothered me so much at that moment.
The reason I became totally drunk ...

After a second or so I opened my eyes again and found Greg's face close to mine, staring into my eyes.
"Another rule broken" I whispered and he just nodded slightly and caressed my cheeks.
"Sorry" he then sighed and bent even closer.
My lips slightly opened and I found myself lifting up my hand and grabbing his neck.
He moaned a bit and brushed with his tongue tip over my lips.
"God, Greg ..." I whispered and like in trance I drew him closer.

His tongue parted my lips and then he kissed me deeply with a rising passion.

"Jimmy" I heard Greg moan and was drawn back to the here and now.
Gregory looked at me with dilated pupils and caressed my sides.
"Jim-my" he sighed anew and another kiss brought me back into the past when I heard him saying the very same words.

"Greg" I sighed as well and my hands wandered over his body, searchingly, feverishly, demandingly.
With the raising passion our hips started to move ghost-like and we both could not stop those mechanical-like movements.
It felt so good ... so right ... so wanting MORE.

"I want you" I heard far away in the here and now and in the past I replied "Do it".
His knee parted my legs and as if wouldn't be the first time (and we now know it was not), he started to tease me, slowly and with a heat that let us forget where we were and who we were.
We forgot all the rules and broke them by one and even more.

I arched and scratched his back when he made us become one with one awfully slowly thrust.
The here and now got me back when Gregory started to move deep and hard and I forgot all the past and the now and just got lost in the passion and lust only he is able to give me.

Quite a time later we both lay on our backs, still trying to catch breath again when I gently caressed his chest and looked at the ceiling.
"You know Greg ... I remembered everything while you showed me ..." I said under my breath.
"Mhmmm... that was my intention!" he answered likewise and played with my fingers lazily.
"You know what ..." I returned with a sigh.
"I like breaking rules..."

Gregory turned on the side and so did I, we both stared each other in the eyes.
"We don't need such rules anymore ..." he said silently and brushed a strand of hair out of my face.
"I know ..." I answered him with a smile.
He smirked a bit and then fondled my hair.
"See ... we could of course make some new rules ... and break them ... one after the other."
"Hmmm... yes" I grinned and came closer "we could easily do that".
"Yeah ..." Greg moaned and smiled then.

"Rule 1: No kissing with tongues!"
"Rule 2: No sex before noon!"
"Rule 3: No stretching in that too alluring way!"
"Rule 4: No swaying hips in a special way only we notice"
"Rule 5: Never shower together!"
"Rule 6: Sex at uncommon places like beaches, cars etc. is strictly forbidden!"
"Rule 7: No full-body massage"
"Rule 8: Never licking the lips and looking the other in the eyes"
"Rule 9: No teasing!"
"Rule 10: No mentioning of hints while talking to other people and the other is around to hear it"

Breaking rules can sometimes be really funny - I suppose!


Dr. Gregory House said...

Wanna break some rules now?

Dr. James Wilson said...

I am game!

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