Thursday, June 14, 2007

Annoyance ...

I am for sure back now ...

Today is Thursday - our flight booked was on Tuesday ... I arrived here yesterday.

Let's start in London though. The weekend was lovely! Gregory showed me around London a bit and we even managed to make a day-tour in Kent ... Rochester, seaside, Canterbury - very lovely indeed (how I heard so many times there).

We celebrated into Greg's birthday in a cozy pub somewhere in London (sry, I forgot where exactly we've been). Music, ale, stout ... very lovely!

Monday itself was packed with cuddling, sighing and enjoying each other - and of course we spent a few hours outside the hotel room as well!

We packed in the late evening hours and went to bed rather early ... ... did fall asleep rather late though.


We arrived at Heathrow airport in time and wanted to check in.

The lady behind the desk looked at us ...
"Ehm, there must be a mistake, sirs" she murmured.

"What a mistake?" Gregory asked and his eyes narrowed.
He was nervous all the morning and in lack of enough coffee - so this was really not his best time of the day.

The women looked again on the screen ...
"Hm, it seems that we have a booking problem here, Sir."
"Can you explain that?!" Greg replied with a soft and calm voice.

I put my hand on his back to calm him down a bit.
"So, what kind of booking problem are you talking about, M'am?" I asked her with a smile.
She looked at me, "Mr. Wilson?"
I nodded.
"See the flight is overbooked and I am very sorry to tell you that there is only one seat left!"

Gregory straightened up and said nothing at all ...

I rubbed my neck and looked at her in disbelief.
"I beg you pardon? We booked the flight and we have the confirmation here at hand." I answered and showed her our confirmation.

She gave it a short glance and then looked at us again.
"We are really sorry, but we can't change it. There is just one seat left and that is only for emergency cases. Is your flight back an emergency? Or could we offer you the next flight to New York?"

A deep sigh slipped out of my mouth and I wanted to reply but was interrupted by Greg.
"My flight back is an emergency!" he said and looked her straight in the eyes.
And what followed then made me standing there, staring at him and gawking!
He should have become an actor - believe me that!

He told her something about an urgent case and that his patient would die if he (I missed - the almighty doctor thing!) would not make it in time to save her life. He even mentioned some children who would loose their mother and the whole bunch of it.

She grabbed her phone and a few moments later - Gregory had his flight back home!
"You ... " I stammered and looked at him when he put his boarding card into the pocket.
Gregory winked at me and then moved on ...
I had to wait until I got my flight details - next flight back home in 10 hours!

10 HOURS staying at the airport! At least I was allowed to check-in my baggage and was offered a first-class ticket as well and got 500$ for all the inconvenience caused.

Fine ... but still 10 HOURS!

After I got my papers I made my way through the hall where Gregory was waiting for me.
"I really can't believe that!" I muttered and pointed at him with my index finger.
"YOU! You really leave me alone here on that airport! Why is it an emergency, huh?"

Gregory raised an eyebrow and smirked a bit.
"Because I wanted to go home and" he pulled out a nearly empty bottle of Vicodin "that is nearly empty!"
My jaws dropped and I shook my head in disbelief.
"You leave me here - just because you need your PILLS?!"

Greg shrugged "It is an emergency, isn't it?"
"I can't believe that ... you are ... you ... this is in fact unbelievable!"
"Aw c'mon, I am sure you will enjoy that bit you have to spend here. When is the next flight, hm? Two hours or so?"
"TEN" I grunted.

Now his eyes widened a bit and he looked slightly sorry.
"Oh ... hmm... ten, huh?"
"Yes, ten HOURS!"
Greg twirled his cane in mid-air and looked up at the ceiling for a second.
"Would it help you now if I'd say sorry?" he silently asked me then and gave me a shy side look.
"Only if you would mean it!" I answered back and shook my head again.
"I still can't get it ... you just do that because you are in need of your pills, right?!"

"You are upset now" Gregory said and started to move towards the boarding area.
"Of course I am upset" I muttered and followed him.
"Greg" I whispered and grabbed his arm.
He turned around and looked a bit unsure.
"Greg ..."
My hand dropped down and I looked him deep in the eyes.
The coldness of his blue eyes disappeared and a warm sparkle could be seen, if you were looking very close.

"Jimmy... I am sorry, okay! I'll pick you up and I'll be so looking forward. Flight will be a hell wihtout you", he whispered silently.
"Flight will be a hell for all the other passengers!" I whispered back.
Greg winked at me - and I winked back.
He eyes dropped to his watch and then looked back at me again.

"Still some time left - and I don't want to leave you here like that" he moaned and looked around.
"Why leaving me anyway?" I answered.
"Because ..." he started, stopped and stomped his cane on the floor "ah - sod it! You won't believe me anyway ..." and without a warning he drew me close and kissed me deeply - right in the middle of the crowd.

I was first to dumbfounded to reply that kiss but when he drew me even closer and deepened it, I closed my eyes and let me sink into that tender kiss.
A few seconds later (or minutes?) he withdrew and cleared his throat.
"I'll better go now - otherwise we two wont leave England but be thrown into the Tower, I suppose" he moaned silently and stepped back.
I combed through my hair and just nodded, still unable to speak after that kiss.

"See you in a few hours then" Greg said, nodded and turned.
"You ..." I started and when he turned around before he walked through the door, I just sighed, rolled my eyes towards the ceiling and waved aside.
"I am UNBELIEVABLE" Gregory said aloud and grinned at me like a school boy.

Although I was boiling with a bit of rage, I couldn't avoid the smile appearing on my face.
"I really can't believe it" I muttered to myself when I found me alone at London Heathrow airport, waiting for my flight to come.

I should repeat that sentence a few times during those ten hours waiting time ...

I bought me a book, read a bit, surfed in the Internet for a lot of money, had some coffees at Starbucks and bought some presents for my family.

Ten hours can be a damn long time ... a very long time for cultivating the annoyance!


Dr. Gregory House said...

I am still so sorry, dear...

Dr. James Wilson said...


Dr. Gregory House said...


Dr. James Wilson said...

Show me HOW sorry you are - this evening!